A Visit to the Sudbury Grist Mill

Sudbury Grist Mill Sudbury Grist Mill

Growing up in Sudbury, you could often find us running around the Grist Mill, Wayside Inn, or little Redstone Schoolhouse. New England is so rich in history, and even as a child it fostered my love for historical fiction. Laura, Carolyn (our baby sister) and I loved playing olden days and dressing up in period clothing to romp around outside. These are some of my fondest memories, and having beautiful places like the Sudbury Grist Mill as our playground encouraged our imaginations.

Sudbury Grist Mill Sudbury Grist Mill Sudbury Grist Mill Sudbury Grist Mill

I’ve lived downtown for many years now, but I love taking a scenic drive out to Sudbury and wandering around the Wayside Inn and nearby conservation land. It’s such a beautiful place, and without traffic, it’s really not so far from the city.

If you go, be sure to stop into the Wayside Inn for a drink in The Tap Room (the old tavern) and order the Baked Indian Pudding; it’s one of my favorite desserts of all-time. If you stay for dinner (you can see the menu here), the Dijonnaise Salmon has been a long-time favorite. I even ordered it as a kid! We used to go to the Wayside Inn for dinner when our grandparents visited from France and my sisters both celebrated their first communion there. It’s a special place.

I participated in Girl Scouts as a kid, and many of our ceremonies and events took place at the Sudbury Grist Mill. It would be so fun to see such a natural place covered in balloons and streamers. I loved those celebrations.

Longfellow Wayside Inn Wayside Inn

I love going back and wandering through the tall grass, taking a walk along the quiet dirt paths, popping in to see the mill (it’s still in use!), and of course walking down to the pond. If you visit in the summer months, you can often see tents being installed for a weekend wedding. I used to dream of getting married there – so beautiful! There are typically horses around, too, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot them out for a carriage ride.

I’d love to know: where did you grow up? Do you enjoy returning? Do you feel like where you grew up played an important role in nurturing your imagination? xo

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