A Weekend in Vermont

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I love Vermont. I’m an ocean girl, and often I’ll pick coastal Maine any day, but in the past few years, I’ve gotten to spend some time in the mountains and have really started to fall for the Green Mountain state.

A few weeks ago, Matt, Milo and I headed to Southern Vermont to spend a weekend outdoors with friends. We rented a big farmhouse through Airbnb in Southern Vermont in a little town called Londonderry. The area is well-visited during the winter as Magic Mountain is closeby. The Airbnb was on a dirt road, with horse farms nearby.

The house was so charming, and I dream of returning with fresh snow covering the outdoors. There was a fireplace or wood-burning stove in almost every room and many windows were floor to ceiling. It made you forget whether you were indoors or outdoors! There was a hot tub, little pond, and a big wrap around porch that we spent the majority of our time sitting on. The first evening we arrived, there was a huge thunderstorm that rolled in. I love being outside but protected while storms are passing. We sat in rocking chairs, sipped beers, and watched the intense storm and rain swoop in across the landscape.

The house was really beautiful and well maintained. The owner is a chef, and Matt was in heaven using the kitchen. There were cast iron skillets larger than our entire stove. It was a definite dream kitchen. The dining room area was open to the kitchen and the table could seat well over a dozen people. I love homes like this that have so much character and really invite good conversation.

Vermont Weekend GetawayVermont Weekend GetawayVermont Weekend GetawayVermont Weekend Getaway

It was Milo’s first time in Vermont, which made me sentimental, of course. We explored a nearby waterfall. We took the stroller down because we thought that of course our umbrella stroller would be able to handle the terrain. It wasn’t that easy and I got a little cranky, but the trek down (and back up) was so worth it. Note to self: next time, be sure to pack better shoes. Flip flops do not make great hiking shoes, especially when carrying a toddler. :)

My brother-in-law brought along a ton of floats and we had a great time using them in the pond. Few things are more leisurely than just floating on water. Milo enjoyed being passed around from friend to friend.

Matt and I slept in a room fill of windows. We would open them up each night and invite the refreshing Vermont breeze in as we settled down to sleep. It felt like deep hydration after a long drought. We never sleep with our windows open at home (ground floor city problems) and it’s something I truly miss. As a kid, we didn’t have air conditioning and would always sleep with the windows wide open. I loved the (loud) sound of the crickets chirping at night. The deeper you got into summer, the louder the noise. It became a real comfort to me.

Milo didn’t sleep great, but even though he was up early, the sun was always first to wake us as it danced across the pine floors. However, he did take some stellar naps. Summer naps are the best, induced by afternoon sunshine and exploration.

There was a fireplace in our room with a large basket of fire wood. Although I’m enjoying this moment, it certainly made me excited for cozy times to come.

The bathroom had an old-fashioned claw foot bathtub where Milo enjoyed his evening bath. He’s really into taking the plug out of the tub and letting the water drain. It’s a total game to him, but he doesn’t seem to mind sitting in an empty tub as I gather the towel to dry him off. The beauty of the summer’s warmth, I suppose.

I only know what I know as a mother, but I feel lucky to be experiencing this season of life with a freshly minted one year old. By default, summer is all about exploration and skinned knees, ice cream and barbecues, and spending time with those you love. As Milo explores more of his world each day, I am thankful that he can roll around in the grass and be outside without a heavy coat to hold him back.

While in Londonderry, we went out to lunch several times. We really enjoyed our meal at the New American Grill. Everything was tasty, but we especially enjoyed the sandwiches and the $3 draft beers. Boston, it would be awesome if you reconciled with happy hour.

Londonderry, you are beautiful! Next time, I need to convince Matt to stop at some of the adorable antique shops along the route from Vermont and Boston. New England really is the best.


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  1. Looks like a lovely place to spend a weekend. I love finding Air BnBs like this that have so much character. I have never been to Vermont but I would also like to go there during the winter for those beautiful snowy views!

    • Natalie Kurtzman says:

      It was such a peaceful getaway! I, too, would love to visit in the winter. It would be so beautiful covered by snow! xoxo