A Weekend in Hull

Our maternal grandparents bought a little cottage on Hull Bay when my mom was five years old. Although my grandparents are no longer around, the house is still in our family (our mom has twelve siblings!). You know those places in life that instantly transport you to a different era? The Hull cottage is one of those places for me. It’s like traveling in time. Memories are archived and you can relive them by returning to a familiar place. Sometimes when I am sitting in the wicker rocking chair in the living room, I can feel the warmth of my grandmother.

The house hasn’t changed much in my lifetime. The kitchen was updated (lovingly so by my dad) and of course repairs here and there, but the quirkiness of the cottage has stayed the same. Each room is painted a different color, many shades of blue and green, perhaps to tie in all of the natural elements surrounding the home. The house sits directly on the bay, and there’s nothing like taking in the sinking sun while enjoying a glass of wine and a few pistachios (my grandfather’s favorite) on the wraparound porch. Walk a few blocks to the east and you’ll find Nantasket Beach, and the great Atlantic Ocean.

Last weekend, we went down and stayed a few nights. We took Milo and Serena to the beach after the midday rush had retreated and the waves felt peaceful and calm. They are really starting to play together, and it is the sweetest thing to watch their relationship deepen everyday. I gave Serena a little pail, and she set out on a rock collecting mission, with her mighty assistant Milo helping out (and trying to sneak a few to snack on, too). It makes my heart feel so full thinking about these two having summer adventures together for years to come.

After spending time at the beach, we would walk back to the house to take showers and rinse off the sunscreen and sand. Is anything more satisfying than a shower post-beach? The kids would get into their pajamas and we would play a little more on the porch, as dinner was being prepared and wine being poured.

Laura and I had our parents down with us, and having more adults than kids makes everything feel infinitely easier. It was nice to relax a little and let the city noise ring in our ears a little less with each day.

Aren’t Serena’s blue eyes gorgeous? I love this little lady so much.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Hull. We will be back soon. xo

  1. These family photos are so sweet! That’s so nice that Milo and Serena can grow up together so close in age :)

    • Laura Chassaigne says:

      It is so cute — especially now that they really can play together! They are going to get into trouble together for sure! ;)

  2. Molly Galler says:

    Love, love, love! As you know, Hull is a special place for me as well. It feels amazing to stay with my family in my dad’s childhood house (all these years later). These family photos are simply gorgeous.