A Family Visit to Marini Farm with Stop & Shop

Natalie and I both love to eat local foods, especially at this time of year. Late summer means a bounty of tomatoes, corn, zucchini, berries, and so many other delicious choices at the farm stands and farmer’s markets. Luckily, we can also find these local gems at some area grocery stores too — Stop & Shop works with over 35 local farms to provide their shoppers with some of the season’s best, and freshest, treats.¬†As part of their Buy Local program, produce is picked directly from the farm and is available in stores the very next day! Just look for Buy Local signage at your local Stop & Shop to learn more.

We partnered with Stop & Shop to visit one of their partner farms, Marini Farm in Ipswich. We brought the babes, as well as a family friend to help wrangle our wild toddlers, and had a fun morning exploring the farm. We love eating locally grown foods, and it is so important to us to give Serena and Milo an understanding of where and how their food is grown. Here’s a little video we made about our farm adventure, if you’d like to see!

First we checked out the farm stand — so many beautiful fruits and vegetables! I love fresh corn, there were baskets overflowing with perfect cobs, as well as extremely tempting baskets of tomatoes.

marini farm marini farm

Serena and Milo really enjoyed the play area, especially the play tractors! In the fall, the farm goes all out with a corn maze and other entertainment. We chatted with Mike, the owner of Marini Farm, to hear a bit more about his business. He grows vegetables on 200 acres, and sells through the farmstand, a C.S.A. for nearby patrons, as well as to Stop & Shop. He is the third generation of his family to cultivate this land!

marini farm

During the fall, the farm sets up a huge corn maze, and they are in the process of getting it ready for fall fun. We took a look at the corn, and went a little bit into the maze — it’s easy to see how you could get lost among the stalks!

marini farmmarini farm marini farm marini farm

There was a beautiful field just a bit down the road, with plots full of tomatoes and melons. The field was surrounded by thickets of wild flowers and lush green trees. The soft breeze was so refreshing, and we would have been tempted to take a nap in the grass if we hadn’t had two rambunctious toddlers with us!

marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm

It was so fun to run around in the field and see how things grow close up! Such a beautiful spot.

marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm marini farm

Thanks for having us, Stop & Shop and Marini Farms! We will be back for more produce — and look forward to checking out all of the fall excitement on the farm.

This post is in collaboration with Stop & Shop, who asked us to highlight their Buy Local program with a trip to one of their supplying farms. We are so happy to see more people valuing the benefits of shopping local! As always, all opinions are our own.

Image Credits: Laura Chassaigne, Natalie Kurtzman, Laurie Dowd

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