A Season of Change & 4 Things I’m Loving

Before I begin, just wanted to say that we’re thinking of everyone in Hurricane Harvey’s path. It’s devastating to see what’s happening in Texas. If you are able to donate, here’s a good list of where to do so.

There’s no denying that fall is in the air (I even made chili last night for dinner). Is it just me, or do you think that the seasons are off? It feels so much like fall before the end of September, with back to school and the change in weather.

I absolutely adore summer – the beach trips, the warm sunshine, the afternoon BBQs, the outdoor showers and weekend getaways. Time feels suspended and it can be hard to recall a time that wasn’t summer perfection. As much as I love all that, there is something that can feel very fast-paced about it to me. If the weather is nice, you should be outdoors enjoying it. There are a lot of weekend trips and weddings in-between. All of that is wonderful, but as an introvert, I often find myself craving more downtime (and not feeling guilty about that need).

As tomorrow leads us into September, I’m feeling excited for the month ahead. So with that in mind, here are a few things that I’m loving right now:

A good bar.

I really appreciate a good granola bar. I go from full to hungry in 30 seconds flat, and so I always carry food on me for those moments. I love having small packets of nuts and granola bars in my bag. A new favorite is the Perfect Bar. They are SO GOOD. The only issue is that they contain milk and eggs, and so should be refrigerated. Not ideal for throwing in your bag, and they are expensive, but they are a delicious treat. Bonus: Milo loves them too.

Use your library card!

Did you know that you can rent books from the BPL on your Kindle, iPhone or any other device with a reader app? It’s so awesome. The only trick is that the renting period is two weeks, which is difficult for me, but also makes me choose reading a book in the evening over scrolling on my phone, which I am really trying to do less of! More info on the library’s website.

A beautiful serum.

After years of trying different products, I’m starting to get into a real skincare routine that I love. Of course, there are items that I change up each season and I still enjoy trying out new products occasionally, but there’s something nice about simplifying my routine. The one thing I am really loving lately is the True Botanicals Serum. My skin drinks it up when I apply, and I’ve noticed a real difference in fine lines and the texture of my skin. I mix 1-2 pumps of the serum with the Vitamin C Booster and apply in the evenings before bed. It’s certainly not inexpensive, but a little goes a long way, and I really admire True Botanicals as a brand. (If you’re wanting to read more about skincare, check out the recent profile we did on local mom Emily Vickers.)

Light art.

These light installations by Olivia Steele give me chills. The sayings are so short, but just perfect. I think my favorite might be “it all came out in the wash.” A refreshing reminder that nothing is permanent.

I’d love to know, what things are you loving lately? I’m trying to read more, cook more, and in general do more with my hands (arts and crafts, anyone?), so I’m all ears!

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