A Weekend in Newburyport at Blue, Inn on the Beach

There is nothing I find more peaceful than the sound of the waves, so where better to be for a relaxing long weekend than as close to the beach as possible? At the tail end of August, my husband and I brought Serena to Newburyport for a long weekend, where we stayed at Blue for 4 nights. Blue is a part of the Lark Hotels group. All the hotels in this group have such interesting and fun design, and we have enjoyed the other ones we have visited (in Salem and in Kennebunkport), so we were excited to check it out! The inn is on Plum Island, right on the beach. We stayed in an adorable one-bedroom cottage across the street from the main inn, and so to access the beach just had to walk up the stairs into the main inn and down the hallway to see this view:

The location is truly magical! The last day we were there we literally didn’t leave, and parked out all day on this beach. We walked the block a few times until Serena fell asleep in her stroller, and the carried her up the stairs through and she snoozed listening to the waves while Dan and I relaxed a bit. Just sitting on the inn’s lounge chairs or bringing some of their cozy beach chairs down by the water is the perfect way to enjoy this spot. We also did a lot of beach walking/running/chasing birds, etc.

The inn itself feels like a cross between a boutique hotel and a beach cottage.

At check in, we were given an iPad loaded with menus and info on the local area — Serena got to work perusing the options. ;) Our favorite activity was a morning we spent walking the boardwalk-ed nature trails in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The entrance was only a few blocks from the inn, and another morning Dan and Serena took a walk over there. However, the nature trails are further into the refuge and it is easier to drive to them. Serena was so tired from running around at the beach that she fell asleep for her nap super early on the 10 minute drive, and we ended up pushing her around in the travel stroller   for an epic nap while walking these trails. (The boardwalks are nice for naps — kind of like the brick sidewalks on Charles Street! There are some stairs, but Dan is a pro at carrying a stroller containing a sleep toddler, amazingly.) This place was spectacular.

We came across lots of bird watchers with huge cameras and binoculars, but not many other people — we saw more arriving as we left midday. After all our walking, and Serena’s snoozing, we had worked up an appetite, and got a bite at Mad Martha’s, a nearby easy-going breakfast and lunch spot. (Serena was really excited about the creamers.)

Besides that, we had some lattes at Atomic Cafe and a fun dinner at Paddle Inn in Newburyport, where we picked up some things at the Sunday farmers’ market and frequented Joppa Fine Foods a few times (fancy cheese, salads, sandwiches, wine, all the essentials for a vacation menu). One night we ordered pizza to the inn from Otto, and we also found delicious Richardson’s ice cream, hard cider, and beer at The Cottage, right on Plum Island.

Since the sun rises right over the water there, watching a sunrise from the beach was on our list, and our little alarm clock was happy to walk up before 6am to make sure we got over there. It was worth it though.

The color of the sun as it peeked above the water was unreal.

What a beautiful place! It was such a treat to spend a few nights at Blue.

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  1. Molly Galler says:

    These are beautiful photos! So many sweet ones of Serena.

  2. Laura Chassaigne says:

    Thanks Molly!! She did love it! Hope you are well — xo