A Chat with Ali Bernstein of Suburban Jungle Realty

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Moving is so tricky… along with packing and unpacking boxes, deciding how to use the space well, and figuring out the crazy real estate market, choosing the right neighborhood or town is a challenge! It is exactly this decision that Suburban Jungle Realty aims to make easier. We partnered with them on a Q+A with founder Ali Bernstein to bring you a little more info on how the company came about, and the services they offer.

Natalie lives in South Boston and I am in Beacon Hill, and we both love our neighborhoods. While we can definitely understand the lure of having a bit more space at some point, it would be hard to know which towns would be a good fit if we did decide to move out of the city. How did you first come up with the idea to work with people contemplating a move from urban to suburban?

This was something that came both from my own personal experience in trying to find a suburb for myself and my family, as well as from an industry need… at the time there was not one company that could objectively help me understand all of my options without a hidden agenda! It was a really important piece that was missing in the real estate world.

Choosing where to live is about so much more that just square footage, and Suburban Jungle Realty seems to really focus on that. How did you decide to put the “town first”? The town is by far the most important piece to the puzzle! How do you gain an understanding of each town, especially when expanding to a new city?

We have a very distinct methodology to building out our strategy team comprised of a head strategist in each market, our research team who compiles the data we need, and most importantly our “locals” in each town providing us the additional insight that is so critical to what we do.

Walk us through the process. How does your team work with clients? What factors do you look at to match up a family and a town?

Each client starts out by working with a personalized strategist. They begin by filling out our questionnaire online which is a great starting point for both the strategist and the family. Getting everyone on one page is part of the battle.

After the questionnaire is complete, we then schedule a conference call to get to know the family better – and discuss some key factors, intangibles to consider, and so many other pieces of the puzzle! Within 24 hours, our team creates a personalized Home Search Strategy — which is comprised of reports on the towns we recommend, the local agents assigned to them and their personal client concierge who will help schedule tours and get their feedback. All of this is served up on our app, or a log in for desktop/laptop users.

In exploring the area, are there any towns around Boston that have become favorites of your team?

We love them all! As you can understand it is such a subjective experience — each town has pros and cons, and there is no such thing as a perfect town.

How would you spend a free day, in a favorite city or suburb?

With my family! We love walking around and exploring, and most importantly eating a great brunch and dinner. I think the restaurants tell a great story of every town and city.

Thanks for chatting with us, Ali! Find out more about Suburban Jungle Realty on their website.
This post is sponsored by Suburban Jungle Realty, a company that we find so interesting. Such a helpful concept! As always, all opinions are our own. Thanks for reading The Boston Day Book!

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