My Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List - New England & Boston

The weather has been hot and humid, and it’s almost made it hard to believe that October is next week… but it is! We are actually headed to Tampa tomorrow for the weekend, so we’ll be embracing summer-like weather just a little bit longer.

The fall is such a quick season… I feel like it almost ends before it begins, and I’m really trying to slow down these days and savor it all. Milo’s newest obsession is leaves, and it makes me stop and appreciate the small things about this season. Safe to say he might love fall just like his mama!

Here are a few things on my fall bucket list:

Explore our own backyard.

For some reason, the fall is always busy for us, and often takes us out of town. We have several New England-based trips and adventures planned, which makes me so happy. It can be easy to focus on amazing places to visit all over the world that you can forget about the gems in your own backyard. People come to New England from all over to enjoy this beautiful season! Next week, we are headed to Bailey Island, Maine for a few nights, and later in the season we’ll be going to Stowe. I’m excited to take in the fall foliage and enjoy evenings around the fire. Do you have any New England adventures planned?

Take Milo to the Stone Zoo.

Over the summer we visited the Franklin Park Zoo and really enjoyed our time. This fall, I would like to take Milo to Stone Zoo in Stoneham. I hope to plan our visit during the weekend of October 21-22 when Boo at the Zoo will take place, an event where kids can trick-or-treat, make crafts, and explore a maze.


I am not the world’s greatest cook, but I’m really trying to put in a greater effort. I’m finding that I enjoy eating and cooking more now that we have Milo to consider… and he is a seriously picky eater so I’m always going back to the drawing board. I think that the fall might be my favorite season when it comes to the produce that’s available to eat. Squash, apples, sweet potatoes, pumpkin… I love it all! Matt makes an incredible homemade apple pie, and I’m looking forward to making that with him after we go apple picking in a few weeks. This fall, I’m hoping to make as many new-to-me recipes as I can and really expand my repertoire.

Picnic in the Public Garden.

We spend a lot of time in the Boston Public Garden during the spring and summer months as the garden comes alive with blooming flowers and live music. This fall I hope to have a picnic with friends beneath one of the shady willow trees.

Halloween in Beacon Hill.

If you live in Boston, you’ve surely heard of the spectacle that is Halloween on Beacon Hill. Last year, Matt, Milo and I walked around with Laura, Dan and Serena and it was quite an evening. People really go all out with their decorations and costumes. Pinckney Street was a favorite of mine to walk down! Milo was so teeny tiny last year. I’m excited to experience it again this year now that he is a little bit older. Verdict is still out on what he’ll be!

Visit Nashoba Valley Winery & Tree House Brewery.

I’ve never been to Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, and I’ve been wanting to go for years. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun, and addition to the winery, you can pick apples in the orchard and there’s also a brewery. Further west is Tree House Brewery in Charlton, which friends of mine have been raving about. I have heard great things about their beer and it seems super kid-friendly.

Check out Robbins Farm Park.

Overlooking the city, Robbins Farm Park sits high up on a hill just outside of the city in Arlington. I’ve seen photos from a few friends that have visited and it looks like most fun for kids. Have you seen this gigantic slide? This park is definitely on my fall bucket list.

Spend a day in Salem & do a Hocus Pocus Tour.

Salem can be a total madhouse in the month of October, but part of me kind of loves it. It’s so fun to people watch. This year I really want to do the Hocus Pocus tour. I should add that watching Hocus Pocus is definitely on my bucket list, too. October doesn’t quite feel complete without a viewing of my favorite witches!

What’s on your fall bucket list? xo

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  1. Ellen Parlee says:

    I agree, fall goes by too quickly! This is a great list, the weather is great for venturing outside the city :)