An Afternoon of Apple Picking in the Finger Lakes

A few weeks ago we met up with my sister- and brother-in-law along with their two kids at Lake Skaneateles in upstate New York. They live in Ontario, so we sometimes meet midway between us, looking for a house that can accommodate a bunch of adults and three rambunctious tots for a few days of living room forts, lego building, cheerio snacks, early mornings and late night catch ups, plus bottles of wine on the deck for the adults. ;)

Close to Skaneateles is a wonderful apple orchard called Beak and Skiff. This 100-year old orchard is quite large and very popular, which might make it seem harder to love, but since the place is so well organized and beautiful, it was such a delightful outing for us. To pick apples, everyone hops on a trailer which is drawn by big tractors to the rows ready for picking — already fun for toddlers obsessed with cars and trucks!

apple picking beak and skiff
apple picking beak and skiff apple picking beak and skiff apple picking beak and skiff

So sweet to share something like apple picking with Serena — I remember loving it myself as a child. It doesn’t hurt that this particular orchard also sells apple fritters, donuts, (surprisingly good) kale salad, plus hot, cold, and alcoholic cider on their “campus.” They also have a tasting room on their little hill, where you can get a flight of ciders to sip while the kids run around on the grass. So perfect! (My favorite is the hopped cider.)

It was great to see the cousins play together, and catch up with family. How nice to live the the lake life for a weekend!

Image Credit: Laura Chassaigne

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