Dolly, On-Demand Moving, Launches in Boston

Dolly Launches in Boston

Matt and I love having a car in the city. It makes trips to the grocery store that much easier, and we can be spontaneous when it comes to day trips and weekend getaways. Parking in South Boston can be a pain though. We sometimes think about getting an SUV, but we’re always grateful that our tiny hatchback can fit in the parking spots that no one else can… even if it sometimes feels like we are driving around in a clown car. :)

Having a small car has its definite advantages, but there are challenges too. Packing for long trips can be difficult when you think about all the stuff that having a toddler requires… and we certainly have to get creative when we add our 80 pound dog to the mix. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve strapped things to the roof!

There’s also the trick of moving things, whether it’s a piece of furniture or sod for the backyard (we’ve had our fair share of backyard fails). For these bigger items or projects, we have ended up renting trucks or moving vans. It can get expensive, and quickly escalates to a bigger endeavor.

Enter Dolly. New to Boston, Dolly is like Uber for moving, connecting people who need something large or bulky moved to local truck owners who manage all of the loading, lifting, and hauling. There are so many ways that we could envision using Dolly, from dropping bags off to our local Goodwill donation center to picking up furniture, or moving items from our house in South Boston to Matt’s distillery in Everett.

Just like other ridesharing services, everything is done through the app and the service is cashless. You simply go into the app, request a truck and Dolly Helper and let them know what, where and when you need the service. You can message your Helper directly through the app if you need to share any special logistics.

I recently tried out the service for myself. Matt and I have had this metal screen in our backyard for months. It’s needed to make its way to Everett but it’s heavy and bulky, and not something that we could easily throw on the roof of our car. It hasn’t made sense to rent a truck, so it sat in our backyard.

Dolly On-Demand Moving Boston

Dolly Boston

Until I scheduled a Dolly. I downloaded the app on my phone, selected a time for the pick-up and shared my address as well as the destination. I received text message notifications letting me know that my Dolly was arriving, as well as updates during the service (like when they were arriving at my destination). The total service was super quick, and the screen made it to the distillery… finally! The Dolly Helpers were awesome and were super gentle with the screen. They wrapped it in a blanket before putting it in the bed of the truck, and moved it to the exact spot we wanted it at the distillery. Not only did they transport it safely, but they also did all the heavy lifting.

Dolly has launched in Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland, and San Diego and now Boston. We know so many people who either don’t have a car (like Laura!) or have a small car (like me!) and would benefit from the help and ease that Dolly offers. If you’d like to give Dolly a try, use our promo code BOSTONDAY10 for $10 off your first service (expires 12/1). Download the app or check them out online at

This post is in collaboration with Dolly, but all opinions are our own. Thanks for reading The Boston Day Book.

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