Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun day in our city — we love to see our familiar spaces transformed by decorations, and see the streets full of revelers in costume. Are you dressing up? Pre-kids, Halloween was such a good night to sit on the stoop with a few friends and a glass of wine, admiring the trick-or-treaters and maybe breaking into the fun-size candy too. Now, we will be standing behind our little ones as they knock on their first few doors! Serena might be a mouse (if she decides to wear her costume!), accompanied by her mama mouse and papa cheese, while Milo will spend the evening as a tiny astronaut. Whatever your plans, we are wishing you a wonderful evening!

(PS – If you are looking for a place to trick or treat or even take an evening walk and check out costumes and decorations, I suggest coming to Beacon Hill! I had no idea how amazing it is on the Hill for Halloween until living here — this neighborhood goes all out! Streets are even closed to cars for the evening.)

Image Credit: Natalie Kurtzman

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