A Day in the Fields at Siena Farms, Sudbury

siena farms

Are you familiar with the CSA (community-supported agriculture) concept? You pay a certain amount to a farm for a portion of their crops the next year, and having that early payment allows the farm to buy seeds and plan for the long-term. It is especially helpful for organic farms, for which it can be a bit harder to make the finances work. My husband and I have been participants at farms for years, large and small. Our first farm in Montreal was run by one couple who did everything themselves and delivered from their minivan. They only spoke French, and there were a few vegetables that we didn’t know the French names for at the time and had to guess how to cook those first years! ;) Since we have been in Boston we have been members at Siena Farms. It is definitely a pricey endeavor, but the vegetables are such wonderful quality, and it feels good to be supporting good growing practices. We don’t eat meat at home, so during the season, a large portion of our meals comes from these beautiful fields.

siena farms

One thing I really love about Siena Farms is how they involve the community. You can volunteer to help with the carrot harvest or at other times of the year, and in the fall they have an amazing farm tour that has become a tradition. After tromping around the fields and hearing from Chris and the other farmers, everyone enjoys a meal and wine together, and the evening ends with a bonfire. This year there was even some lovely live music (that reminded me of Jack Johnson) which we all enjoyed, including Serena who was practicing her twirls.

siena farms siena farms

Serena was a major fan of this tractor. She was literally on the tractor for one hour — an unheard of amount of concentration for a toddler!

Harvesting a few carrots for my dad.

This adventurous spirit climbed right up onto a mountain of mulch with the big kids, but looked for a little help with the dismount. ;)

siena farms

Plus a throwback to last year! ;)

What a fun day! I love living in the city, but it feels so sweet to get out and frolic in some fields for a day.

P.S. You can look for Siena Farms at the Boston Public Market (daily year-round), the Copley Farmers’ Market (Tuesdays and Fridays through November 21), and their South End shop (daily year-round).

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