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tulum-with-kids-boston-day-book-3Tulum with Kids - The Boston Day Book

All of a sudden (or so it seems), winter weather is upon us! Is anyone else freezing? I find that my body is always slow to adapt to the change in temperature and feel so cold this time of year. Definitely pulling out the wool socks!

It seems like forever ago that we were in Tulum, but in reality it has been just a few weeks. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, we went to Tulum with Matt’s siblings for a family vacation in mid-November. We’ve been taking an annual family trip (last year we were in Charleston, which is Matt’s hometown, and the year before we went to Costa Rica), and I really cherish the time together.

This was my first time to Mexico, and I have to admit that I was a little nervous to travel with a toddler. Now that Milo is eating and drinking (and I’m no longer nursing), I was afraid that he might accidentally drink the water and get sick. Luckily, we all made it without getting sick (minus a weird 24-hour flu that I got on our travel day home).

Since there were five adults and one baby, we opted to rent a house rather than stay at a hotel. We knew that we wanted to stay on the beach, and honestly there weren’t a ton of options. It doesn’t help that Tulum can be very expensive, even in the shoulder season. After hours of research, I stumbled upon Casa Mandala. It was perfect for our needs, and the staff was amazing. The group actually owns several homes, and they all seemed great. This one seemed so romantic!


We were provided with a crib, high chair and plenty of beach toys. It makes it so much easier when you can travel with less stuff! We did bring the stroller, which was a last minute decision, but I was so glad to have it. We walked a decent amount on the road in addition to the beach, and there wasn’t a sidewalk for Milo to walk on. As a new walker, he can’t be trusted to not run into traffic! Our travel stroller has a strap, so when we were on the beach, we could just sling it over our shoulder.

We chose to rent a car, although I did look into a round-trip transfer from the airport. As we were a larger group and needed to rent a convertible car seat, it just felt easier to have our own car.

We mostly spent our days at the beach, and late afternoons strolling through town followed by dinner at one of the many amazing restaurants. Our favorites were Arca, Casa Banana, Posada Margherita, and Cenzontle. In addition to fresh and delicious food, so many of the restaurants had really good cocktails. The decor in Tulum is really cool, and I loved how many restaurants were set in secret gardens. It felt so nice to eat outside every night. (I should note that we tried to eat at Hartwood, since it came so highly recommended, but we didn’t realize that they do in fact take reservations. They are only open Wednesday through Sunday, and on Sunday we were told they were done seating when we showed up. In the end, we didn’t have a bad meal so it worked out alright. But if your heart is set on dining at Hartwood, be sure to make a reservation or show up super early.)

Milo loved playing in the sand, but was not a fan of the water. I think it’s still too cold for him — even though the tropical water was amazing for us! We sang lots of rounds of Wheels on the Bus… :)

Since I knew we were going to be spending most of our days at the beach, I partnered with Pure Glow Tanning, an organic spray tan studio in Boston. It was actually the first time I’ve ever gotten a spray tan (kind of surprising), and I actually really enjoyed the process. The tan was super natural looking and lasted throughout the trip. I’m definitely a convert!

One evening we dressed up and took some family photos on the beach at dusk…


My handsome boy! Milo loved spending so much time with his aunt and uncles. Such a sweet bond.

tulum-with-kids-boston-day-book-8Tulum with Kids - The Boston Day Book 2

Some very serious beach sippy cup action!


The house was a 30 second walk from the beach, but Milo enjoyed taking the long way. There were many sandy paths that would bring you to the beach, and he loved exploring them all.

For those wondering, Milo’s striped swimsuit and hat are from Hanna Andersson, his swim diaper is from Beau and Belle Littles, and my dress is from J.Crew.

You can read more on our trip here, and my tips for traveling with a toddler here.

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