Gift Guide: Laura’s Wishlist

Today I’m sharing a few things from my own wishlist. The main thing I am hoping to have this year is a relaxing time with family, but a few of these would be fun too!

I took a painting class at the MFA over the summer, which I loved! It had been too long since I had made time to make art myself, and am hoping to spend some more time painting this year. I’ve heard great things about Golden Acrylic paint, and it would be great to have a few new supplies to explore. (Plus some toddler-free time to indulge my hobby!)

Slip-on sneakers are so easy — I find myself reaching for my Vans almost everyday. I’d love a new pair to replace the ones that have seen better days! ;) (I like these blue ones Natalie has been wearing.)

Cozy socks are such a luxury. My sock drawer could use a little rejuvenation — Smartwool makes such warm socks, and I have heard good things about Bombas too… any suggestions?

Deborah Madison is my absolute¬†favorite¬†cookbook author — she has never led me wrong, and I love the way that she treasures vegetables. (This one is a classic.) Her newest cookbook looks amazing, and full of easy-going recipes from her own kitchen.

Massages are always on my list… I know I’m not alone in this! Soft cotton pajamas are also a yearly favorite — there is something about new pajamas under the tree that feels so classic Christmas.

How sweet is a delicate necklace like this one from Roundhouse Jewelry? So perfect for every day.

Of course the best gift is to spend time relaxing and enjoying family — that is number one on my list this year! I hope you are able to do the same! xo

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Image credit: 1/Laura Chassaigne, 2/ Natalie Kurtzman, 3/ Megan Lewis on Unsplash, 4/ Deborah Madison, 5/ Hanna Andersson, 6/ Roundhouse Jewelry

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