Our Favorite Books for Kids, and an Usborne Book Party to Benefit MGH

books for kids

Our kids love books. It is so sweet to see them ‘reading’ on their own or to their dolls, and Serena loves her nightly story time with Dad. There are so many wonderful children’s books — we are discovering new ones all the time! In this post, we are sharing a few favorites books for kids. We are hoping this list may come in handy, especially if you have baby bookworms on your holiday shopping list!

Have you heard of Usborne Books? A friend of mine, Amy, (we used to do archaeological digs together in grad school, and spent several summers in neighboring tents!) recently became a Usborne consultant, and I offered to co-host a Facebook book party with her. I am excited to help her because the Usborne books are very cute, and she will be donating $30 of every $100 spent to the Child Life Department at Mass General Hospital! The book party will begin on Tuesday at 8pm, and the links will be live for 2 days to give you plenty of time to ask Amy questions and make your selections. RSVP ahead of time for a chance to win some raffle prizes ahead of and during the event! (You can shop now too through this link.)

Serena spent some time at MGH this past year, and the Child Life Specialists there were such lifesavers. Their role is to advocate for the child’s emotional and developmental needs, and to make procedures and spending time in the hospital easier by offering toys, games, and books that are at the right level and align with the interests of each kid. I cannot imagine how we would have passed those long days in the hospital without their visits and their help, so I am thrilled to be able to give something back to them! (You can see their wishlist here if you would like to donate directly.)

Some of Serena’s favorite Usborne books are Cuddle Bear (so sweet — Cuddle Bear brings hugs to friends who need one), Baby’s Very First Bus Book (the book has wheels!), Peek Inside Animal Homes and Peek Inside Dinosaurs (this series has awesome flaps — a toddler fave). RSVP to join us for the Facebook book party on Tuesday night here, and feel free to ask Amy any questions or tips, and thank you for helping us donate to the MGH Child Life Department! (Amy will be giving away some prizes too!)

Plus a few other favorite books on the shelf these days:

books for kids

I Love You to the Moon and Back. Such a sweet bedtime book, as polar bears recall the special time they spent together throughout the day.

Little Blue Truck. This is Milo’s current favorite, with lots of sounds for kids to make as a truck passes animals along the road.

books for kids

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! A pigeon really really wants to drive the bus, and toddlers get to say no! Serena loves buses (and saying no), so this is on constant rotation right now.

books for kids

Oh No, George! George gets into trouble while his owner is away. Can he learn to control his instincts to dig up flowers and eat whole cakes? Adorable illustrations — we also love this one from the same author.

Peekaboo Morning. An adorable toddler starts the morning with a game of peekaboo, and even finds himself in the mirror!

And two other favorites these days:

What a Wonderful World. The heartwarming words from the Louis Armstrong song along with beautiful illustrations.

Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball. Sometimes this little animal wants to stomp and run and play, and sometimes they want to get cozy and rest. So cute.

Even as a tiny baby, Serena has love looking at books! Young babies can’t see as well, so high contrast books like this one are great.

Hope to see you on Tuesday evening over here, and happy reading! xo

  1. This is such a great post- especially around the holidays! I love getting books as gifts so these are great ones to keep in mind for all the little ones!
    xoxo, Jenna

    • Laura Chassaigne says:

      So fun to start compiling a little children’s library! I love revisiting the ones I remember and finding new ones too!