Gift Guide: For the Guys

Of course there are plenty of things that appeal to men and women alike, but here are a few things that seem just right for the dads and husbands on our lists. We hope it helps you cross a few gifts off your list too!

Hopsters is opening soon in the Seaport! You will be able to brew your own beer there as well as their existing Newton location — so fun (and their beer is really good). You can even customize your bottles with a personalized label. Hopsters sent us a few of personalized beers in the mail… the most fun package ever! Some personalized brews would make a great gift for most of the guys we know, and so would a gift card to try it out for themselves in the new year.

My husband loves coffee, and figuring out different ways to enjoy it. Last year for his birthday, we upgraded our espresso maker to this one, which has resulted in lots more experiments in foam art and Sunday morning lattes. (Hey, it’s a gift for me too!)

There is something cathartic about working with your hands, and it feels especially good for so many of us who spend days at a computer. We needed a new bed frame, and decided to build one with my dad’s help! We just finished this weekend, and it was such a great project — I’ll share more about it in a future post. I had also been looking at the classes at the Eliot School in JP as a way for my husband to have some time in the woodworking shop! (Natalie’s husband took welding classes a few years ago, and had so much fun.) A fun gadget like this Leatherman tool or a great headlamp (surprisingly handy!) also makes a perfect gift.

A good book is always a welcome gift! Trevor Noah’s autobiographical book on growing up mixed race in apartheid South Africa looks amazing. City dwellers may like this interesting book about the benefits of living in urban spaces.

Getting cozy feels so perfect this time of year. A soft sweater (we like this) or new pajama pants are always good bets for under the tree. This fancy shave cream can also feel luxurious. It feels so nice to treat the guys in our life! xo

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Photo credit: 1-3/ Laura Chassaigne, 4/ Trevor Noah, 5/ Everlane

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