An Update: Milo at 18 Months

Milo is officially one and a half! He’s quickly become my favorite buddy and I just can’t get enough of him. He has a big personality and loves to sing, dance, and give hugs. I remember when he was three or four months old and we would be in music class with toddlers who were walking. When one of the bigger kids would notice their mom from across the room and run over to her giving a huge hug and kiss, my heart would melt. I didn’t wish those newborn days away, but I remember feeling excited about the day that Milo would run into my arms… and that day is here. And it is just as sweet as I had thought it would be.

Over the last few months, Milo has dealt with some pretty intense separation anxiety. We have a baby gate at the top of our stairs and I swear that he had a sixth sense for it. Every time I would open it and try to sneak downstairs, he would come running over and beg me not to go. It was really hard. It seems as though he is finally moving out of that stage and becoming a bit more independent. It makes me so happy to see him relax and I hope that he knows no matter what that mommy and daddy love him.

He is slowly (and I mean, very slowly) starting to become less picky. I haven’t always been so patient about it, but I am trying to be more laid back and let him discover food in his own way. He is still obsessed with yogurt, and Matt always jokes that we should be investing in a dairy farm… and he’s probably right! I still offer a lot of other foods in hopes that someday he will be willing to try them… I just have to keep trying.

He does enjoy sitting in his high chair (we have the Stokke Tripp Trapp, which we love, but I would definitely recommend getting the baby set and tray). I also love these utensils and these plates. I find that Milo enjoys having different compartments for his food.

In terms of toys, he is very into his mop and broom set (best purchase ever!), and is starting to get into these big blocks. He is also enjoying imaginary play and especially loves to chat on the phone. :) I am really excited to give him a play kitchen and a few photo books over the holidays. I hope he loves them!

He had a huge sleep regression a few weeks ago, which I am thinking was technically the 18 month sleep regression. It seems like we are out of the woods now, and I am really hoping that’s the case. It is so hard to not pick up bad habits. Sometimes all you want is to get back to bed, and you’re willing to do anything to make it happen. He is still not great at going down at bedtime, and after some songs from Matt he is usually feeling a little bit better.

We have a pretty solid bedtime routine which involves bath (he loves the bath!), getting into pjs, brushing teeth (we use these little toothbrushes which he loves to do himself, and this toothpaste), and reading books. Then we put him in his sleep sack and turn on the sound machine. Matt always sings two or three songs, which melts my heart every time.

Daycare is going really well, and we’ve all really been enjoying the routine. Matt and I (and often Weber) take Milo every morning around 8am. Daycare is just a few blocks from our house and so we typically walk over. Most days I pick him up after nap which is at 3pm. I love peering into the classroom window to see him in action before he sees me. It just makes me so happy to see him playing. They do a lot of arts and crafts at school and each week we have a pile of projects in his cubby. It’s very cute!

Milo loves walking Weber. He is always trying to put Web’s leash on. We have been dog sitting, and Milo loves his buddy Cash who is closer to his size. It is so sweet to see him develop a tender love and friendship for dogs. Matt and I didn’t grow up with dogs, and it’s such a special relationship.

Happy 18 months, buddy! We love you so much.

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