Greatness Springs from Here: Christmas in the City

We love seeing the city all decked out with twinkly white lights and green garlands for the winter holidays — it is so magical! Especially in this season, we appreciate the extraordinary all around us. There are so many amazing people and places in this city of ours, and we are feeling grateful for them all month long. We are happy to be partnering with the Poland Spring® brand this December to bring you five examples of greatness in our local community. There are so many to choose from, so we are excited to share these special people and places with you! Follow along on the blog and Instagram this month to see all five (and find more examples at #sharegreatness).

Today we want to tell you about a wonderful organization working here in Boston to bring families living with homelessness a day of fun and relaxation. No matter the life circumstances, everyone should be able to relax and enjoy a holiday party. Christmas in the City throws a huge, magical holiday party for thousands of kids and their families living in shelters – some kids have told them that it is the best day of their lives!

Along with all the fun, the party includes health and dental screenings, flu shots, and haircuts. The group also helps families find housing and get jobs throughout the year. As a 100% volunteer-run group, there are no administrative costs. Over 1,000 local volunteers and local businesses participate to give these kids and their families a very special day. What an inspiring initiative!

Along with offering a dose of holiday magic with their huge party for kids living in homeless shelters, Christmas in the City also arranges gifts for thousands more affected by poverty. It is amazing to see what a huge impact this volunteer organization has, with 100% of any donations going directly to kids and their families. Throughout the year, the group runs a series of events to fund their efforts, and this year they are opening up their winter wonderland to the public on Saturday, December 16, the eve of their big party (tickets $20). Learn more about this wonderful group and how to donate or volunteer with them yourself on their website! Follow along on Instagram and the blog over the next few weeks to see more examples of greatness from here.

Image Credit: 1/Laura Chassaigne; 2-4/Christmas in the City

This post is in collaboration with the Poland Spring® brand as part of the Greatness Springs from HereTM campaign. Thank you for reading The Boston Day Book!

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