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Happy New Year, friends! As I was looking back at photos over the holiday weekend, I realized just how quickly this year has gone by. As a mom, I notice the time move so much faster since Milo’s growth is my benchmark. It was a good year in many ways, but also very challenging. From what I’ve gathered, a lot of people feel the same way. Suffice to say, I am really excited to greet a new year and the hope, excitement, and feeling of lightness that it brings.

I’m not one to make hard and fast resolutions, but I do like setting loose goals and looking ahead to see what adventures I might like to make happen in the coming year. Here’s what’s on my list…

Adventures with Milo.

Milo goes to daycare most days of the week until 3pm or so, and I cherish spending the late afternoons together. It’s been nice to spend a lot of time at home and just relax. For months, I was planning activities and I think we both started to feel a little burnt out. But now that it’s cold and we’ve had a little break, I am looking forward to starting a few activities and planning some adventures for our afternoons.

Starting this month, we’ll be taking music classes again — one of our favorite activities! Serena and Milo will also be taking their very first french “class” which is basically music and story time in french. It was a gift from our Dad and it will be so fun (and special) to see them learn french with their Papy.

As Milo gets older, I am looking forward to taking more day trips and planning fun adventures right here in Boston. It is so incredible to see his little personality develop, and I love creating memories together.

Work towards balance.

Finding balance is really hard. I find that I’ll get into a groove but it is hard to stay in a groove. Do you know what I mean? Nothing is perfect, and there are times where routine and balance just don’t work… and that’s okay. But my hope for this year is that I can work towards finding balance more often than not. This means taking better care of myself and treating myself to TLC whenever possible. For instance, to spend an extra minute or two putting on hand lotion so that my hands can feel a little love, take more baths, and make a plan to get to yoga more often. I am always happy when I go to yoga, it sometimes just feels difficult to figure out how to get there.

When it comes to balance, I’d also like to spend more time offline and off my phone. I love how easy it is to stay in touch with friends and to be connected with online communities. But, I’d like to be more mindful of the time I am spending so that it is of more quality and less of a reaction to boredom.

Matt and I have made it a point to have a lot of date nights in the later part of 2017. It has been really nice to have time together and with other friends. I’m looking forward to more of this in 2018. It’s so important!

As you may recall, I had some pretty serious post-partum anxiety after having Milo. It has mostly subsided, and for that I am very thankful. But, there’s still some residual “stuff” that I’d really like to work through. There’s not time like the present to focus on yourself and your own mental health. For me to feel good, it’s all about eliminating unnecessary stress and finding solutions to tricky situations… all of which is totally possible.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love to travel. We have some exciting trips planned for this year. We are going to Charleston tomorrow, and then to Europe (Austria, Slovenia, France) at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to these trips and seeing new places through Milo’s eyes. Since Matt and I both work for ourselves, we are lucky to have the flexibility when it comes to planning travel. The trick is that we can also end up working all the time. I am hoping that balance and travel can work together so that we have “working hours” and “relaxing hours” while we traveling. That way we can really enjoy the places we are, and not just feel like we are doing our routine in a different place. I feel so lucky that we are in a position to do this travel now.

Do you make resolutions? What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

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  1. These are some fantastic goals and intentions for the new year! I really admire how much you travel with Milo! So inspiring to me!
    xoxo, Jenna