Milo’s First Haircut

This past weekend Milo had his first official haircut! We have trimmed it here and there as necessary, especially around the ears. But it was never long enough to warrant going to the barber.

The point finally came where it started to look a little scraggly. My local moms group had said amazing things about this hair salon, and so we went. They don’t take appointments and since it was Saturday it was busy. We ended up having to wait 45 minutes to see someone, and Milo was SO GOOD. I kind of couldn’t believe it! Sitting in one small room for 45 minutes is a huge challenge for a toddler. There were about a dozen men waiting their turn and Milo made friends with many of them. He’s so cute with his little talking. He goes around and ask lots of questions, although no one knows what he’s saying. It’s always so sweet (and heartwarming) when adults play along and have a conversation with him.

After a relatively quick 45 minutes, it was our turn! The woman who cut Milo’s hair was amazing! I swear he didn’t even know that she was there. We put this adorable little smock on him and he sat on Matt’s lap, facing him. The stylist was so quick and you could tell that she had worked with toddlers plenty of times before. At the very end, she used a buzzer to clean it up. So sophisticated and handsome!

When I brought Milo back to daycare this week, his teachers immediately noticed his haircut. It makes me so happy that they love him so much and pay so much attention. All of a sudden, he seems like such a big kid.

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