Serena at 2 and a Quarter

It is hard to believe that my girl is getting so big! Lately she is really looking (and acting) like a little kid. The other day, I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone, and was shocked by how different she looked only a few months ago. The baby cheeks are gone and the hair has grown, but this little one is still as sweet as ever. (Love the attitude in the pic below though.)

When Serena was a baby, we were always wishing that we could know what she was thinking, and now we can! There is a fair share of “no!” and “mine,” but also some heart-meltingly sweet interactions. Lately she loves to say I love you, and then she wants other people to say it to each other too… so cute! The pretend phone calls have really been cracking us up. She goes to “school” two days a week, and recently switched from half days to full days. When she was doing half days we had a tradition of going to Starbucks after school, and Serena would be so delighted to sit up at the bar, have a croissant, chat, and watch the buses go by.

Serena still really loves this VTech toy — it was designed for beginning walkers, but we only got it after Serena could walk. She loves pressing all the buttons, showing me all the colors (she can name them all and is proud), and most of all using it as her “stroller.” She loops a bag around her arm, sits a doll or teddy bear on top, and zooms around the apartment!

She loves to wear floaty dress for twirling, things with dinosaurs or reindeer on them, these cozy sweater leggings, and her basic kicks (I have a matching pair, and both Natalie and Milo bought them too!).

Favorite books these days are Corduroy (one of my favorites too), this great ABC book, Hooray for Hat, and The Snail and the Whale, but she loves all her books, and will sit in a corner “reading to herself” here and there throughout the day. She is also so into drawing and painting (we’ve been liking these and these crayons as well these markers, and have a huge roll of paper to tear big sheets — small pieces make it too tempting to draw on the table!). All the balls we have are in constant rotation (especially this one) — somehow Serena taught herself to kick and dribble the ball, and literally does soccer drills, dribbling the ball up and down the hall every night, ha!

Serena has never been a big sleeper (unfortunately for us!), and she is starting to really resist naps. Some afternoons they just don’t happen, or only happen if I pop her in the stroller and walk around for a while. (Anyone else have a toddler drop the nap this early? If there is no nap she is a mess by late afternoon!) I do have to admit though that I love seeing her all bundled and sleeping cozily in stroller — it reminds me of when she was a tiny baby and my constant companion walking all around the city. The time goes by so fast! Trying to enjoy these moments as much as I can.

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