A Winter Trip to Charleston

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed that right before the Bomb Cyclone hit Boston, we were scheduled to fly down to Charleston. The south was also experiencing huge amounts of snow (it was actually the largest snowfall in recent years) and our flight was continuously canceled. We quickly thought about postponing the trip, but we were all packed and ready to go. In less than a minute, we quickly decided to rent a car and drive down. Kind of crazy? Yes! I think if I had thought about it for a second more, I would have decided against it.

We ended up renting a really comfy big SUV since Matt and I were traveling with my brother-in-law Asher, plus Milo and our dog, Weber. The drive ended up taking 22 hours (thanks to a flat tire) but didn’t actually feel that bad. It’s not something I’m itching to do again soon, but I’m glad that we did it and were able to get to Charleston.

Once we got to Charleston, we ended up having five days to enjoy one of my favorite cities. It was crazy to see how much snow and ice there was in South Carolina. My husband grew up in Charleston and he had never seen so much snow there. The roads were so icy! The city is just not built for this kind of weather.

It was so fun to reconnect with Matt’s sister, Kenzie and his dad. Milo is at such a fun age and really enjoyed spending time with the entire family. We were able to see Matt’s grandmother a few times, and his aunt, uncle, and cousin came down from North Carolina. What a treat!

I ended up getting carsick towards the end of our trip. I blame it on being in the car for so long! It took us probably a full day and night’s sleep to feel good again. After that, Milo came down with a bug. He didn’t have many symptoms aside from a high fever that kept coming back once the Motrin wore off. He has a history of ear infections, so I was nervous that was the reason for the high fever. After talking to our pediatrician at home, we decided to take Milo to see Matt’s childhood pediatrician in Charleston.

It turns out that Milo didn’t have an ear infection, but just a virus. It was a relief to know that there wasn’t something else going on. By the way, it was actually super easy and wonderful to see the pediatrician in Charleston. Luckily they took our insurance, and they readily allowed us to come in. It was such a luxury to not have to take Milo to urgent care, which is what we were initially planning to do.

It took Milo a few days to feel better, so we spent a lot of our time in Charleston hanging out at Matt’s dad’s house. Once Milo felt better, we did have a few days to explore some of my favorite places and pop into some of our favorite restaurants. We ate at Home Team BBQ, Leon’s, and The Daily. We finally tried The Obstinate Daughter (so good!), and enjoyed smoothies at the recently-opened Basic Kitchen. We were planning to go out for dinner one night at Chez Nous, a place I’ve been wanting to try for ages! Unfortunately, I didn’t want to leave Milo since he was under the weather so we didn’t make it this time around.

The Obstinate Daughter

Aside from eating and drinking, we walked around downtown (mostly south of Broad and a little bit along King Street) and spent time with friends and family. It was a really nice visit, and I am already looking forward to our next trip (hopefully in the spring). Fingers crossed that next time we don’t have a crazy snow storm in our path or any sickness!

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