A Sweet Weekend Morning Tradition

My husband really loves coffee, and over the years we have acquired a bunch of different ways to make it, including a Gaggia espresso maker. He has experimented with different coffees and I don’t mind being on the receiving end of these experiments! (Lately he has been especially loving the Gold Espresso from local Barrington Coffee Roasters.)

A fun weekend morning tradition has been to name things we see in the foamed milk — a fern unrolling, a pinecone wearing a fluffy hat, a sailboat. It’s like a Saturday morning Rorschach test!

latte foam art

This Christmas morning, he gave me a latte with an extra-special gift: a book he made entitled¬†I Like You and Coffee, with photos of some of the most unusual examples… so sweet! (He made the book on the Blurb website.) I love homemade gifts like this, and am trying to enjoy these little things even more.

Do you have any special traditions you’ve been enjoying lately?

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