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Do you use Instagram Stories? I’m sure some of you watch them every day, and others have never seen them — once you start it is kind of addictive! The stories are only visible for 24 hours, and are a fun way to share some videos or photos in a more casual way than a regular Instagram post. Sharing five things about yourself has been going around on there, and Natalie and I were tagged. We shared five things you might not know about us over on Instagram (click the profile picture to see our stories), but we also thought it would be fun to share here too. I know it is always fun for us to learn a little bit more about the bloggers we follow!


Our dad is French and we have spent quite a bit of time there, so of course we love Paris (and have both lived there for a while), croissants, and good wine.


Our mom is from Boston, and has twelve siblings, so we have a huge and wonderful family living mainly nearby. There are over 30 first cousins! Family gatherings are so much fun.


Laura spent many years in grad school studying early symbolic thought, and used to spend her summers on archaeological digs in southwestern France and Spain, plus one summer in the Canadian High Arctic. She had some amazing adventures, and there are few things in life more thrilling than holding a shell bead last touched by a human 35,000 years ago! Living in a tent where it rains every day is a little less romantic though. ;)


Natalie created her own major in college so that she could study and take language classes, psychology, and cultural studies. After a year taking Arabic while studying in France, her class took a trip together to Egypt!


We have a younger sister whom we adore. She is a true creative spirit — we feel so lucky to have sisters.

What’s a surprising thing people might not know about you?

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