Cooking with Kids at Wegmans in Natick

Have you been to a Wegmans grocery store? People that grew up in Rochester, New York, are huge fans and I have long wondered why. What could be so awesome about a grocery store?

Wegmans has had a presence in New England for the last several years, but last spring they opened a store in Natick, the largest one in the New England area. In addition to two floors of shopping, a burger bar, their famous ready-to-eat options and alcohol, the store hosts special events like wine tastings and cooking classes. It is also connected to the Natick Mall, so on a cold winter day you don’t even have to go outside to grocery shop and peruse the mall — win, win!

We were recently invited in to try a Cooking with Kids class, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Recently Milo has been “helping” me in the kitchen and it’s an activity that we’ve both been enjoying. We mostly stick to these foolproof muffins, and it works best to have everything portioned beforehand so Milo can pour and mix.

I went on to the Wegmans website to look at the upcoming options and we quickly settled on a sushi class. How fun! We arrived on a Saturday morning and were sent to a room on the first floor, where they also offer wine tastings and host other events. The room was adorably set up with hats, aprons, a packet with menus plus coloring pages and crayons. We sat down and waited for the rest of the group to arrive. In total I think there were 15 kids, plus adults. Most of the kids were around 6-8 years old, which I think is the perfect age group for something like a cooking class. Although Milo is only 2, he had a blast. The class went at a great pace (important with impatient toddlers!) and allowed ample opportunity for the kids to mix and try their creations.

The class was led by three Wegmans employees including Megan, who is a service manager. She was wonderful and so attentive! I was also really impressed by how well the team managed allergies, which there were a few of in our group. Our younger sister is allergic to peanuts and I am always sensitive to allergies and appreciate when they are taken seriously.

First up, we made a poke bowl with marinated tofu, rice, cucumbers, carrots, and a sauce. The team was able to capture the attention of this young audience — no small feat!

Milo was especially intrigued by the chopsticks. The instructors also passed out gloves, which most kids seem to love to wear (in fact, Milo is often sporting our kitchen gloves that I use to wash dishes).

Milo liked mixing the sauce, of course.

He is an extremely picky eater, but he likes rice! Next up, we made a sushi roll, which Milo didn’t eat but it was fun to make. The classes are 1 hour long and cost $10 for a child plus hands-on adult. They have several coming up that look really fun, like this pizza class. Space is limited and tickets need to be purchased in advance by visiting the store’s customer service desk. Wegmans will be adding more classes, so be sure to check for the full lineup of events at that store.

Thank you for having us, Wegmans. We had so much fun, and can’t wait to try a different class soon!

This post is sponsored by Wegmans Food Markets. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Kate says:

    He is too cute! What a fun activity to do together!