10 Best Beach Resorts Near Boston Massachusetts: A Coastal Getaway Guide

Boston, a city founded in the 17th century, is steeped in history, culture, and scenic beauty. Famous for its kite and sand sculpting festivals, and home to stunning beaches like Revere and Carson, it’s a destination that’s bound to captivate.

But did you know it’s also a gateway to some of the best beach resorts in Massachusetts?

From the historic Harvard University campus to the thrilling Red Sox games at Fenway Park, there’s no shortage of attractions here.

Yet, nothing beats the charm of relaxing at a beach resort after a day of sightseeing. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we’re here to guide you through the top beach resorts around Boston.

10 Best Beach Resorts Near Boston Massachusetts

Sure! Boston, Massachusetts, might not immediately evoke images of sandy beaches and luxurious resorts, but the coastal area around Boston boasts some fantastic beach resorts that offer relaxation, recreation, and stunning ocean views.

Here are ten of the best beach resorts near Boston:

1. Pleasure Bay Beach Resort

Pleasure Bay Beach Resort

Pleasure Bay Beach Resort offers a serene yet entertaining atmosphere with its pristine white sands, picturesque waterside trails, and upscale dining options. Along the coastline, this resort provides a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement.

Guests can indulge in leisurely strolls along the beach, engage in water sports activities, or simply unwind and soak up the sun.

With its idyllic setting and gourmet cuisine, Pleasure Bay Beach Resort promises an unforgettable seaside retreat for those seeking relaxation and adventure alike.

2. Luxury and Elegance by the Waves

Luxury and Elegance by the Waves

Boston vicinity offers a variety of luxurious beachfront resorts that combine elegance and coastal charm for an exceptional vacation experience.

Pleasure Bay is known for its tranquil yet entertaining environment with white sands, waterside trails, and gourmet dining.

The Esplanade, located along the Charles River, provides a bustling hub of water activities year-round in an urban setting.

Fort Independence is not just a resort but also a destination with waterfront views and historical charm, close to notable attractions like the JFK Library and Franklin Park Zoo.

New England Aquarium Beach Resorts offer stunning city skyline views and unique marine wildlife exhibits for a distinctive luxury stay.

3. Edgewater Beach Resort

Edgewater Beach Resort

Edgewater Beach Resort, located on the edge of Nantucket Sound, offers direct beach access and embodies the charm of Cape Cod.

The resort is designed to provide ocean views from as many rooms as possible, ensuring a memorable stay for guests.

On-site activities include golfing and water sports like charter fishing, whale watching, and kayaking. The resort is within walking distance of Dennis, Cape Cod’s cultural center with art galleries, museums and theaters.

Guests can also enjoy the resort’s 400 meters of private beach for solitude or relaxation. At $189 per night, Edgewater Beach Resort provides comfortable accommodations with daily sea views and fresh ocean air.

4. The Esplanade

The Esplanade

The Esplanade in Boston is a year-round, family-friendly vacation destination offering various activities. Both kids and adults can enjoy water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding or take a leisurely walk along the 1.8-mile path.

The park also features playgrounds with water elements for younger children, as well as scenic views of the Charles River from Adirondack chairs on floating docks. Exploration opportunities abound with a lagoon and canals within the property.

Additionally, it’s close to the cultural center of Dennis, where families can visit art museums, live theaters, and galleries after a day at the park.

5. The Ideal Spot for Romantic Getaways

The Ideal Spot for Romantic Getaways

The Edgewater Beach Resort in Cape Cod offers the perfect romantic escape for both art enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers. It is located on Nantucket Sound, providing stunning ocean views, beaches, and dunes.

The nearby town of Dennis hosts the Cape Cod Museum of Art and the Cape Playhouse, offering a rich cultural experience.

Ocean activities such as charter fishing, whale watching, and kayaking are available for adventurous couples.

The resort features a 7-hole putting course and a 400-meter private beach for guests’ use. Its design complements its natural surroundings to enhance the region’s unique character.

6. William J Day Boulevard Beachfront Resort

Boulevard Beachfront Resort

The William J Day Boulevard Beachfront Resort in Boston, MA offers a budget-friendly beach resort experience.

The resort is located on Boston’s waterfront property and includes an 18-mile paved path for jogging or running. It offers water sports like kayaking, sailing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

The resort also has kid-friendly features such as playgrounds with water-based activities. Nearby attractions include the South Boston Korean War Memorial and the Institute of Contemporary Art. There is no entry fee to the resort which remains open from sunrise to sunset.

7. Cape Codder Resort

Cape Codder Resort

The Cape Codder Resort in Boston, Massachusetts offers a multitude of amenities catering to all ages.

These include a year-round indoor waterpark with temperature-controlled facilities and an array of slides and rides; an outdoor heated pool with a waterfall feature; daily kid-friendly activities including live animal shows, outdoor cinema, and craft demonstrations.

The resort also provides on-site dining options offering a range of culinary delights suitable for all taste buds.

Additionally, guests can enjoy scenic sunsets from strategically placed Adirondack chairs on floating wooden docks.

8. The Sporty Esplanade

The Sporty Esplanade

Boston’s Esplanade, located on the city side of the Charles River, provides a balance between urban culture and beach serenity.

The 18-mile path is used year-round by people for running, walking, and jogging against the backdrop of the city skyline. Besides these activities, water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding are also available.

There are Adirondack chairs placed strategically for relaxation and contemplation of sunsets over the water. Furthermore, it is family-friendly with numerous playgrounds that feature water amenities for safe children play.

9. Gabriel’s of Provincetown

 resort in the Cape Cod Bay peninsula

Gabriel’s of Provincetown, a resort in the Cape Cod Bay peninsula, offers guests an experience that combines relaxation with rich culture and history.

The resort has 20 rooms, some pet-friendly, with amenities like TV, internet access, fireplaces and furnished balconies overlooking lush gardens.

In addition to enjoying handmade breakfasts at the resort during high season, guests can also explore local gourmet markets and breweries for lunch.

Gabriel’s is not just about coastal beauty; it also features gardens, sun decks and two outdoor fire pits for guest enjoyment. A variety of activities including charter fishing, whale watching and kayaking are available when weather permits.

10. The Sports Enthusiast’s Beach Resort

 The Sports Enthusiast's Beach Resort

The Esplanade in Boston is an active, outdoor beach resort, perfect for sports enthusiasts and wellness lovers.

The park offers an 18-mile path along the Charles River for jogging or running, as well as water activities like kayaking and sailing. Visitors can also relax on floating docks with sunset views.

The resort includes a lagoon and canals for exploration and several child-friendly facilities with playgrounds that include water elements.

Next is the Singing Beach Club, Manchester-by-the-Sea. Its singing sands are a unique feature that enthralls visitors.

The club offers beachfront accommodation and various water activities for all ages. Finally, the Cape Ann Motor Inn stands out with its direct beach access and panoramic ocean views.

Boasting modern amenities and numerous leisure options, it provides an unforgettable vacation experience near Boston, Massachusetts.


What are some premier beach resorts around Boston?

The article describes a number of handpicked beach resorts around Boston including Pleasure Bay, The Esplanade, Fort Independence, New England Aquarium Beach Resorts, and Edgewater Beach Resort in Cape Cod.

What is special about Edgewater Beach Resort in Cape Cod?

Edgewater Beach Resort in Cape Cod is well-known for its romantic getaways and a multitude of cultural attractions located in and around Dennis.

How is William J Day Boulevard Beachfront Resort a good option?

William J Day Boulevard is a budget-friendly beachfront resort that offers a range of services for economical travel, ensuring a memorable vacation at a lower cost.

Can you tell about the family-friendly amenities at Cape Codder Resort?

Cape Codder Resort is a modern resort with a chic coastal decor. It provides various family-friendly amenities making it an ideal choice for vacations with children.

What does Gabriel’s of Provincetown beach resort offer?

Gabriel’s of Provincetown is an eclectic resort known for its artistic flair. It offers a mix of coastal relaxation, local gastronomic experiences, outdoor activities, and rich culture near Boston, Massachusetts.

What facilities does The Sporty Esplanade provide for sports enthusiasts?

The Sporty Esplanade in Boston caters to sports enthusiasts with a diverse range of activities like running, kayaking, sailing, and child-friendly facilities near South Boston Korean War Memorial and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

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