Boston College Bowl History : Games Boston College Played, Won & Teams

Boston College’s bowl history is a testament to the Eagles’ legacy in college football. Since the team’s inception in 1892, Boston College has participated in 29 bowl games, showcasing their competitive spirit and gridiron prowess. 

From their early appearances in traditional major bowl games to their recent triumphs in modern bowl matchups, the Eagles have left an indelible mark on the college football landscape. 

With notable victories in iconic venues and against formidable opponents, Boston College has cemented its place as a respected and formidable force in postseason play. 

This storied history reflects the passion, dedication, and tradition ingrained within Boston College football.

How Many Bowl Games Have Boston College Won? -Boston College Bowl History

Boston College has a rich history of participating in bowl games, with several victories showcasing their prowess on the football field.

Here’s a rundown of the bowl games that Boston College has won:

1941 Sugar Bowl

1941 Sugar Bowl

Opponent: Tennessee Volunteers

Date: January 1, 1941

Score: BC 19 – Tennessee 13

Venue: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, LA

1985 Cotton Bowl

1985 Cotton Bowl

Opponent: Houston Cougars

Date: January 1, 1985

Score: BC 45 – Houston 28

Venue: Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX

1986 Hall of Fame Bowl

1986 Hall of Fame Bowl

Opponent: Georgia Bulldogs

Date: December 23, 1986

Score: BC 27 – Georgia 24

Venue: Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL

1994 Aloha Bowl

Opponent: Kansas State Wildcats

Date: December 25, 1994

Score: BC 12 – Kansas State 7

Venue: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI

1994 Carquest Bowl

Opponent: Virginia Cavaliers

Date: January 1, 1994

Score: BC 31 – Virginia 13

Venue: Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL

2000 Aloha Bowl

2000 Aloha Bowl

Opponent: Arizona State Sun Devils

Date: December 25, 2000

Score: BC 31 – Arizona State 17

Venue: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI

2001 Music City Bowl

Opponent: Georgia Bulldogs

Date: December 28, 2001

Score: BC 20 – Georgia 16

Venue: LP Field, Nashville, TN

2002 Motor City Bowl

Opponent: Toledo Rockets

Date: December 26, 2002

Score: BC 51 – Toledo 25

Venue: Ford Field, Detroit, MI

2003 San Francisco Bowl

San Francisco Bowl

Opponent: Colorado State Rams

Date: December 31, 2003

Score: BC 35 – Colorado State 21

Venue: AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA

2004 Continental Tire Bowl

Opponent: North Carolina Tar Heels

Date: December 30, 2004

Score: BC 37 – North Carolina 24

Venue: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

2005 MPC Computers Bowl

Opponent: Boise State Broncos

Date: December 28, 2005

Score: BC 27 – Boise State 21

Venue: Bronco Stadium, Boise, ID

2006 Meineke Car Care Bowl

Opponent: Navy Midshipmen

Date: December 30, 2006

Score: BC 25 – Navy 24

Venue: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

2007 Champs Sports Bowl

2007 Champs Sports Bowl

Opponent: Michigan State Spartans

Date: December 28, 2007

Score: BC 24 – Michigan State 21

Venue: Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL

2016 Quick Lane Bowl

Opponent: Maryland Terrapins

Date: December 26, 2016

Score: BC 36 – Maryland 30

Venue: Ford Field, Detroit, MI

Boston College Bowl History Teams

Boston College’s bowl history has seen them face a diverse array of opponents, representing various conferences and showcasing the Eagles’ competitive spirit.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the teams Boston College has encountered in their bowl appearances:

Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia Bulldogs

Boston College clashed with the Georgia Bulldogs in the 1986 Hall of Fame Bowl, a matchup that showcased the Eagles’ resilience. In a tightly contested game, Boston College emerged victorious with a narrow 27-24 win. 

The victory was a testament to the Eagles’ determination and ability to compete against formidable opponents from the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Michigan State Spartans

In the 2007 Champs Sports Bowl, Boston College faced off against the Michigan State Spartans in a thrilling showdown. 

The Eagles demonstrated their mettle on the gridiron, battling fiercely against their Big Ten Conference foe. 

In the end, Boston College secured a hard-fought 24-21 victory, adding another impressive win to their bowl history.

Arizona State Sun Devils

Arizona State Sun Devils

Boston College’s encounter with the Arizona State Sun Devils in the 2000 Aloha Bowl provided fans with an exciting display of college football talent. 

The Eagles took on the Sun Devils in a highly anticipated matchup in Honolulu, Hawaii. Boston College delivered a dominant performance, emerging with a decisive 31-17 win over their Pac-12 Conference opponent.

Maryland Terrapins

The 2016 Quick Lane Bowl saw Boston College square off against the Maryland Terrapins in a matchup that captivated audiences. 

The Eagles showcased their skill and determination on the field, engaging in a back-and-forth battle with their Atlantic Division rival. 

In a thrilling contest, Boston College emerged victorious with a hard-earned 36-30 win, further solidifying their reputation as a formidable force in college football.

Boise State Broncos

Boston College has encountered the Boise State Broncos on two occasions, providing fans with memorable matchups. In the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl, the Eagles secured a hard-fought 27-21 victory over Boise State, highlighting their ability to compete against teams from the Mountain West Conference. 

Additionally, Boston College faced Boise State in the 2018 First Responder Bowl, although the game resulted in a no-contest due to inclement weather.

North Carolina Tar Heels

The 2004 Continental Tire Bowl saw Boston College square off against the North Carolina Tar Heels in a thrilling postseason showdown. 

The Eagles delivered a stellar performance, showcasing their talent and resilience against their Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) foe. 

Boston College emerged victorious with a convincing 37-24 win, further solidifying their standing as a competitive force in college football’s postseason landscape.


What bowl does Boston College play in?

Boston College participates in various bowl games depending on their performance and selection by bowl committees. 

Their bowl appearances have included matchups such as the Fenway Bowl, Pinstripe Bowl, and Quick Lane Bowl, among others.

Has Boston College ever been good at football?

Yes, Boston College has a storied history in college football and has had periods of success.

Is Boston College the Eagles or Golden Eagles?

Boston College’s athletic teams are known as the Eagles. While they were previously referred to as the “Golden Eagles” in the mid-20th century, the university officially changed the nickname back to the “Eagles” in 2000.

Wrap Up

Boston College’s bowl history stands as a testament to the Eagles’ enduring legacy in college football. With 29 bowl appearances spanning decades, Boston College has showcased their talent, resilience, and competitive spirit on the national stage. 

From iconic victories in traditional major bowl games to thrilling matchups against diverse opponents, the Eagles have left an indelible mark on the sport. 

Their ability to consistently compete at a high level and secure notable wins underscores their status as a respected program in college football. 

As Boston College continues to add to its storied bowl history, the Eagles remain a perennial contender, poised to write new chapters of success in the annals of the sport.

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