Delta Airlines Logan Terminal: Address, Navigate, Arrivals & Departures

In the bustling heart of Logan International Airport lies Terminal A, where Delta Airlines operates its flights with efficiency and grace.

Terminal A serves as a hub of connectivity, seamlessly linking travelers to destinations near and far. 

This bustling terminal embodies convenience and modernity, offering a range of amenities to enhance the travel experience. 

From the moment passengers step inside, they are greeted by a world of possibilities, where every journey begins with ease. 

With its strategic layout and intuitive design, Terminal A ensures that navigating through check-in, security, and boarding processes is a breeze. 

Delta Airlines’ presence at Logan Terminal A exemplifies a commitment to exceptional service and seamless travel for all passengers.

How to Navigate Delta Airlines Logan Terminal

Navigating Delta Airlines Terminal at Logan International Airport in Boston is relatively straightforward.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the terminal efficiently:


Delta Airlines Logan Terminal

Upon arrival at Logan Airport’s Terminal A, you’ll notice prominent signage directing you to the Delta Airlines check-in counters. 

These counters are strategically located near the entrance of the terminal for easy access. Self-service kiosks are available for passengers who prefer a quick and efficient check-in process. 

For those who require assistance with check-in procedures, dedicated Delta Airlines staff are stationed at the counters to provide personalized service. 

Whether you’re checking in online or at the airport, Delta Airlines aims to streamline the process to ensure a smooth start to your journey.

Baggage Drop

After completing the check-in process, passengers with checked baggage can proceed to the designated baggage drop area. 

Here, Delta Airlines staff will assist you in ensuring that your luggage is properly tagged and processed for loading onto your flight. 

It’s important to have your identification and boarding pass readily available for verification during this step. 

Delta Airlines prioritizes the efficient handling of baggage to minimize any inconvenience to passengers and ensure that their belongings arrive safely at their destination.

Security Check

Security Check

Following check-in and baggage drop, passengers must proceed through the security checkpoint before entering the departure area. 

At the security checkpoint, passengers are required to present their boarding pass and identification for inspection by security officers.

It’s essential to be prepared to follow the guidelines provided by security personnel, including removing any items such as belts, jackets, and electronic devices for screening. 

By adhering to security protocols and cooperating with officers, passengers can contribute to the smooth and efficient operation of the security screening process.

Gate Information

Once through the security checkpoint, passengers can refer to the flight information displays located throughout Terminal A to find their departure gate. 

These displays provide real-time updates on gate assignments, flight statuses, and boarding times. It’s advisable to verify your departure gate upon clearing security and plan your time accordingly to ensure a stress-free boarding experience.

Delta Airlines aims to provide clear and accessible gate information to facilitate seamless navigation for passengers within the terminal.


As the scheduled boarding time approaches, passengers should listen for announcements or monitor the information displays for boarding instructions. 

Delta Airlines typically boards passengers in organized zones or groups to facilitate an orderly boarding process. 

Passengers are encouraged to review their boarding pass for their assigned boarding group and follow the instructions provided by Delta Airlines staff at the gate. 

By adhering to the boarding procedures, passengers can help ensure an efficient and hassle-free boarding experience for themselves and their fellow travelers.



While waiting for their flight, passengers can take advantage of the amenities available within Terminal A. 

These amenities include a variety of shopping options, ranging from duty-free stores to retail outlets offering travel essentials and souvenirs. 

Additionally, passengers can enjoy a selection of dining options, including restaurants, cafes, and snack bars serving a range of cuisines to suit every taste. 

Comfortable seating areas are also available throughout the terminal, providing passengers with the opportunity to relax and unwind before their journey. 

Delta Airlines aims to create a pleasant and enjoyable airport experience for passengers by offering a diverse range of amenities within Terminal A.

Final Boarding Call

It’s important for passengers to stay attentive to announcements for final boarding calls as the departure time approaches. 

Missing the final boarding call can result in delays or missed flights, so it’s crucial to remain vigilant and responsive to announcements. 

If you hear your flight being called for boarding, proceed promptly to your departure gate to ensure that you board the aircraft on time. 

Delta Airlines endeavors to provide timely and clear communications to passengers regarding boarding procedures to minimize any confusion or inconvenience during the boarding process.

Delta Airlines Logan Terminal Address

Delta Airlines operates out of Terminal A at Logan International Airport in Boston. This terminal is one of the main hubs for Delta Airlines at Logan Airport, offering flights to various domestic and international destinations. 

With modern facilities and amenities, Terminal A provides a convenient and comfortable experience for travelers flying with Delta Airlines.

The address for Terminal A is:

Terminal A 1 Harborside Dr Boston, MA 02128 USA

Delta Airlines Logan Terminal Arrivals

Delta Airlines Logan Terminal Arrivals

At Logan International Airport in Boston, Delta Airlines arrivals are primarily managed through Terminal A.

Here’s a breakdown of Delta Airlines’ typical arrival schedule at Terminal A, including flight numbers, origin cities, and arrival times:

Flight NumberOrigin CityArrival TimeGateStatus
DL100New York10:00 AMA3On Time
DL200Atlanta12:30 PMA5Delayed
DL300Chicago2:45 PMA7Boarding
DL400Los Angeles5:15 PMA9Arrived
DL500London8:00 PMA11Scheduled

Delta Departures Logan Terminal

Delta Airlines operates departures from Terminal A at Logan International Airport in Boston.

Here’s an overview of Delta’s departure schedule:

Flight NumberDestination CityDeparture TimeGateStatus
DL101New York8:00 AMA2Boarding
DL201Atlanta10:30 AMA4On Time
DL301Chicago1:00 PMA6Delayed
DL401Los Angeles3:45 PMA8Scheduled
DL501London6:30 PMA10Scheduled

Delta Airlines Logan Terminal Map Overview

Delta Airlines operates out of Terminal A at Logan International Airport in Boston. Terminal A is conveniently laid out for travelers, offering a range of amenities and facilities to ensure a smooth journey. 

Upon entering Terminal A, passengers will find check-in counters for Delta Airlines conveniently located near the entrance. 

After check-in, travelers proceed through security and into the departure gates area. The terminal features a variety of dining options, ranging from quick bites to sit-down restaurants, as well as shops for last-minute essentials or souvenirs. 

Delta’s departure gates are well-marked and easily accessible, with ample seating areas and charging stations available throughout.

Terminal A also provides easy access to ground transportation options, including taxis, rideshare services, and public transit. 

Overall, Delta Airlines’ operations at Terminal A offer a seamless travel experience for passengers departing from or arriving at Logan International Airport.


What is the address of Delta Airlines’ terminal at Logan International Airport?

Delta Airlines operates out of Terminal A at Logan International Airport, located at 1 Harborside Dr, Boston, MA 02128, USA.

What amenities are available at Delta Airlines’ terminal in Logan Airport?

Terminal A offers various amenities including dining options, shops, restrooms, seating areas, and charging stations for passengers’ convenience.

How early should I arrive at Delta Airlines’ terminal for domestic flights?

It’s recommended to arrive at least 90 minutes before your domestic flight departure time to allow for check-in, security screening, and boarding.

Does Delta Airlines offer international flights from Logan Terminal?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides international flights from Terminal A at Logan International Airport to various destinations around the world.

Is there a Delta Airlines customer service desk at Logan Terminal?

Yes, Delta Airlines has a customer service desk located within Terminal A at Logan International Airport to assist passengers with any inquiries or assistance they may need.

Wrap Up

Delta Airlines’ presence at Logan Terminal A offers travelers a seamless and efficient experience when flying in and out of Boston. 

With a range of amenities and services available, including dining options, shops, and convenient access to ground transportation, the terminal caters to the needs of passengers from check-in to boarding and beyond. 

Its strategic location within Logan International Airport ensures easy connections for both domestic and international flights, enhancing the overall travel experience for Delta Airlines customers. 

Whether arriving or departing, Delta Airlines’ terminal at Logan Airport provides a hub of activity and convenience for travelers.

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