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Exploring Revere, MA: 17 National Parks You Need to Visit

Revere, Massachusetts, offers residents and visitors a glimpse of the natural beauty that New England has to offer. While Revere does not have a national park within its city limits, it is located close to several National Parks in Massachusetts.

These parks provide opportunities for numerous outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, bird watching, and historical education. They offer a refreshing escape to nature and showcase the region’s rich biodiversity and historical significance.

1. Boston National Historical Park


Located in Revere, Massachusetts, the Boston National Historical Park is a significant landmark that is worth a visit. Spanning across 43 acres, the park serves as a beacon of history and culture in the city.

The park’s vast expanse is impressive and a testament to its rich history. It features two visitor centers that cater to visitors’ needs and interests.

These centers serve as hubs of information, providing insights into the history of the park and the city.


Whether you are a history buff or a curious traveler, these visitor centers have something to offer everyone. One of the unique aspects of the park is the ranger-guided tours.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +1 617-242-5601

Address: Building 5, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA 02109, United States


2. High Rock Memorial Park


High Rock Memorial Park is a well-known and cherished site located in Revere, MA, USA. This national park is unique in its own way, offering a plethora of outdoor activities and breathtaking natural beauty to its visitors.

One of the key highlights of High Rock Memorial Park is its tranquil environment, making it a perfect place for those looking to escape the bustling city life. Even though the park is situated within the city limits, it manages to maintain its serene atmosphere.


Visitors find this setting ideal for a quiet stroll or a picnic with family and friends. The park is also pet-friendly, allowing visitors to bring along their furry friends for a day out in nature. High Rock Memorial Park is particularly famous for its panoramic views.

Rating: 9.2

Address: 63-99 Rockingham Ave, Malden, MA 02148, United States

3. Louis Pasteur Park


Louis Pasteur Park is a renowned outdoor space in Revere, Massachusetts. Although it is not a national park, it is a favorite among residents and tourists alike. Its charm is undeniable, and it delivers a beautiful slice of nature right in the heart of the city.

The park is named after the famous French biologist, Louis Pasteur, adding an intellectual touch to its identity.

This connection to science and learning can be felt throughout the park, making it an excellent place for children and adults to explore and learn about nature.

The park is very well-maintained, demonstrating the city’s commitment to providing a clean and safe space for everyone to enjoy.

It features lush green lawns and neatly planted trees that provide ample shade for those sunny.

Rating: 8.8

Address: Revere, MA 02151, United States

4. Sullivan Park


Located in the heart of Revere, Massachusetts, USA, is the charming Sullivan Park.

This park serves as a sanctuary for locals and tourists alike, boasting lush greenery and a tranquil atmosphere that guarantees a refreshing experience. One of the highlights of Sullivan Park is its pet-friendly policy.

The park warmly welcomes dogs, allowing them to roam and explore the vast area.

This feature is particularly cherished by dog owners who can bring their furry companions along for a fun day out. The park provides a safe environment for dogs, ensuring they can enjoy their time without any restrictions.

It’s the perfect place for them to exercise, socialize, and get plenty of fresh air. It’s not uncommon to see dogs happily playing fetch or running around in the park.

Rating: 9

Address: Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, MA 02151, United States


5. Chelsea Creek – Boston National Historical Park


Chelsea Creek – Boston National Historical Park is located in Revere, Massachusetts, a beautiful city in the USA.

It’s a part of the national park system, a testament to its significance and value in the country’s historical landscape. The park houses Chelsea Creek, which is a major geographical feature in the area.

This creek is not just a beautiful sight to behold, but also plays a crucial role in the local ecosystem.


Chelsea Creek’s waters are home to various species of fish and birds, making it a thriving hub of biodiversity. Its historical importance, as the site of significant events in American history, is another reason why it’s part of the Boston National Historical Park.

Rating: 10

Address: Chelsea, MA 02150, United States


6. Belle Isle Marsh Reservation


Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is a unique gem located in Revere, Massachusetts. This National Park offers a unique blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities.

As a salt marsh preserve, it offers visitors a glimpse into a rare ecosystem that is both beautiful and rich in biodiversity. The reservation sprawls across 28 acres, providing ample space for visitors to experience the great outdoors.

It’s not just a large expanse of marshland, but it is also a well-equipped park. It houses numerous facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for everyone.


You will find benches scattered throughout the park, providing plenty of spots to rest and soak in the serene environment. One of the defining features of Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is its intricately designed paths.

Rating: 9

Phone: +1 617-727-5350

Address: 1399 Bennington St, Boston, MA 02128, United States


7. Winthrop Highlands


Winthrop Highlands is a popular destination located in Revere, MA, USA. This area is well-known for its natural beauty and recreational activities, attracting locals and tourists alike.

The most appealing factor of the Winthrop Highlands is its dog-friendliness, making it an ideal spot for dog owners and their furry companions. One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Winthrop Highlands is the number of dogs around.

This is because dogs are allowed in this area, making it a haven for pet owners. Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, it is all welcome here.


This makes Winthrop Highlands a perfect location for those who wish to spend quality time with their pets.

Rating: 9

Address: 382 Revere St, Winthrop, MA 02152, United States

8. Mary O’Malley State Park – Chelsea Naval Hospital Park


If you find yourself in Revere, MA, USA, and are looking for a serene place to connect with nature, “Mary O’Malley State Park – Chelsea Naval Hospital Park” should be on your list.

This park is known for its riverside location, which provides visitors with a unique, tranquil environment. One of the park’s main attractions is the paved trail that meanders along the river.

This path offers an expansive view of the bridge, making it a perfect spot for an evening walk or a morning jog.

The trail is well-maintained and easy to traverse, making it suitable for visitors of all ages. Aside from the scenic trail, Mary O’Malley State Park also provides ample space for play and picnic areas.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +1 781-485-2804 ext. 100

Address: Commandants Way, Chelsea, MA 02150, United States


9. Lynn Heritage State Park


If you are looking for a place to enjoy some quality time with your furry friend in Revere, MA, then Lynn Heritage State Park is a great option. This national park is unique in its acceptance of dogs, making it a popular destination for pet owners and dog enthusiasts.

The park, known for its stunning natural beauty and well-maintained trails, is also a haven for dogs. Unlike many other parks in the area, Lynn Heritage State Park permits dogs, allowing them to explore the park’s expansive grounds.


This means you can bring your pet along for a fun-filled day in the outdoors. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more pet-friendly national park in Revere, MA. Here, dog owners are encouraged to bring them.

Rating: 9

Phone: +1 978-937-2092

Address: 590 Washington St, Lynn, MA 01901, United States


10. Revere Beach


Revere, MA, USA, is home to a national treasure – Revere Beach. This location is not just a beach, but a historical landmark as it holds the title of being America’s first public beach.

It’s a spot where history and nature combine to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors. The beach is a sight to behold, with its beautiful, scenic coastline that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The long expanse of sand and the serene blue waters paint a picture of tranquility and allure that beckon beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.

It’s a prime location for those who want to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea.

Rating: 8.8

Phone: +1 978-807-0167

Address: 350 Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, MA 02151, United States


11. Rumney Marsh Reservation


Rumney Marsh Reservation is an expansive marsh habitat located in Revere, MA, USA. This natural paradise is home to a variety of migratory birds, making it a haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

The chirping sounds and vibrant colors of the birds add to the serene beauty of the reservation, providing a calming and tranquil environment. The reservation also features several walking trails, offering visitors a chance to explore the marshland on foot.

These trails wind their way through diverse ecosystems, giving you an intimate view of the area’s flora and fauna.


Whether you’re an avid hiker or a casual stroller, these trails provide an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and breathe in the fresh air.

Rating: 8.8

Phone: +1 617-727-5350

Address: Saugus, MA 01906, United States


12. Fort Revere Park


Fort Revere Park is one of the most notable national parks located in Revere, Massachusetts, USA. This historic site is known for its picturesque views, lush greenery, and rich past. But what sets it apart from many other parks is its pet-friendly policy.

Dogs are allowed in Fort Revere Park, making it an exceptional destination for dog owners. Taking your dog for a walk or a run in Fort Revere Park is a delightful experience. The park offers a wide-open space, perfect for dogs to play and run around freely.


They can also interact with other dogs, which is beneficial for their social skills. Fort Revere Park is also a great place to train your dogs. The vast open space is ideal for teaching your furry friends.

Rating: 9

Phone: +1 781-925-1777

Address: 60 Farina Rd, Hull, MA 02045, United States


13. Parks & Recreation


Revere, MA, USA, is home to several national parks that offer recreational activities for both locals and tourists. The Parks & Recreation department manages these parks. One popular destination in Revere is the Revere Beach Reservation.

This national park is a public beachfront that offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The beach also hosts the annual International Sand Sculpting Festival, which attracts artists and visitors from around the world.

Another notable park in Revere is the Rumney Marsh Reservation. It is a salt marsh and a designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern.

The park is a haven for bird watchers, and over 200 species of birds are recorded here. The Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is another gem located.

Rating: 8.6

Phone: +1 781-286-8190

Address: 150 Beach St, Revere, MA 02151, United States


14. Island End Park


Island End Park is a hidden gem located in Revere, MA, USA. Despite its urban surroundings, the park offers a peaceful retreat for visitors.

The park is named after the Island End River, which runs alongside it, providing a beautiful water view. One of the key features of Island End Park is its green space.

It provides an excellent environment for outdoor activities such as picnics, dog walking, and relaxing in the sun.

The park’s large open field is perfect for games of frisbee or soccer. In addition to the green spaces, Island End Park has a number of walking paths, making it a great place for leisurely strolls or for more energetic jogging.

Rating: 9.2

Address: Island End River, Chelsea, MA 02150, United States

15. Breakheart Reservation


Breakheart Reservation is a prized national park located in Revere, MA, USA. This beautiful place captures the heart of nature lovers with its lush green forest and diverse range of activities.

Well-maintained hiking trails meander through the forest, providing an excellent opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts for trekking. Each trail is unique, with varying degrees of difficulty, suitable for both beginner and experienced hikers.

One can enjoy the serene beauty of the woods and observe the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the area. The park also features multiple lakes, adding a tranquil element to the surroundings.


Visitors can enjoy a quiet afternoon by the lakeside, watching the water ripple, or engage in a friendly fishing competition.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +1 781-233-0834

Address: 177 Forest St, Saugus, MA 01906, United States


16. Mystic River State Reservation


Located in Revere, Massachusetts, the Mystic River State Reservation is a gem for outdoor enthusiasts. This national park is a waterfront natural area that serves as a haven for both locals and tourists. Mystic River State Reservation is a paradise for those who enjoy biking.

The park offers numerous trails designed for biking, each one offering a unique experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, there’s a path that will suit your preferences.


The trails are well-maintained and provide a unique way to explore the scenic beauty of the park. For those who prefer hiking, Mystic River State Reservation does not disappoint. It features an array of hiking trails that traverse through the park’s diverse landscapes.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +1 617-727-5380

Address: Mystic Valley Pkwy, Medford, MA 02155, United States


17. Boston Harbor Islands National & State Park


Located in Revere, Massachusetts, Boston Harbor Islands National & State Park is a testament to the area’s rich history and a must-visit location for both local residents and tourists.

Its main attraction is a Civil War-era fort that gives visitors a glimpse into the past, making it an ideal destination for history enthusiasts. However, the park isn’t just about history. It is also a paradise for nature lovers.

The park is sizable and offers numerous hiking trails suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The trails wind through scenic landscapes, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.


In addition to hiking, the park also provides ample picnicking areas. These areas are perfect for family gatherings or simply enjoying a peaceful meal.

Rating: 9.4

Phone: +1 617-223-8666

Address: 191w Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02109, United States



After conducting research, it can be concluded that Revere, MA, USA, does not have any National Park within its city limits.

However, it’s in close proximity to several beautiful state and national parks such as the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, enabling residents and visitors to easily access a variety of outdoor activities and delve into the rich historical and natural spaces of Massachusetts.

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