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Ski Resort Massachusetts: Explore 10 Top-Rated Ski Resorts

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of New England, Massachusetts boasts a surprising array of ski resorts that cater to winter sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. 

From the rolling hills of the Berkshires to the tranquil beauty of the state’s rural countryside, Massachusetts offers a diverse range of skiing experiences. 

Whether you’re a seasoned expert seeking challenging terrain or a family in search of a fun-filled winter getaway, you’ll find something to love about the ski resorts in Massachusetts. 

With convenient access from major cities like Boston and a rich history dating back to the early days of skiing in America, these resorts offer not just thrilling slopes but also a sense of tradition and community. 

Join us as we explore the top ski destinations that make Massachusetts a hidden gem for winter sports enthusiasts.

Top 10 Best Ski Resorts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of skiing, but it actually offers some fantastic ski resorts that cater to all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

From family-friendly slopes to challenging terrain parks, here are the top 10 ski resorts in Massachusetts:

1. Berkshire East Mountain Resort

Berkshire East Mountain Resort

Nestled in the picturesque Berkshire Mountains, Berkshire East Mountain Resort offers a quintessential New England skiing experience. 

With 400 acres of skiable terrain, including groomed trails, glades, and challenging steeps, there’s something for everyone here. 

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, Berkshire East offers a range of activities such as snow tubing, zip-lining, and mountain biking during the warmer months. 

Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape from the resort’s summit, adding to the overall experience.

Rating: 4.7/5

Address: 66 Thunder Mountain Rd, Charlemont, MA 01339

Phone: (413)339-6618

Website: www.berkshireeast.com

2. Wachusett Mountain Ski Area

Wachusett Mountain Ski Area

Situated just an hour’s drive from Boston, Wachusett Mountain Ski Area offers convenience without sacrificing quality. 

Its 27 trails cater to all skill levels, from novice to expert, with terrain parks and freestyle features adding excitement for thrill-seekers.

The resort’s ski school provides lessons for all ages and abilities, making it an excellent destination for families and beginners. 

Wachusett’s vibrant après-ski scene, including live music and dining options, ensures the fun continues off the slopes.

Rating: 4.5/5

Address: 41 Mile Hill Rd, Westminster, MA 01473

Phone: (978) 464-2300

Website: www.wachusett.com

3. Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

 Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort stands as the crown jewel of skiing in Massachusetts, offering not just the largest but also one of the most well-rounded skiing experiences in the state. 

Boasting 45 trails spread across 170 acres of skiable terrain, Jiminy Peak caters to skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. 

Its vertical drop of 1150 feet provides thrilling descents for advanced riders while still offering gentle slopes for beginners. 

Beyond skiing, Jiminy Peak offers a host of amenities including slope-side lodging, restaurants, and a variety of winter activities such as snowshoeing and ice skating. 

What truly sets Jiminy Peak apart is its commitment to sustainability, with initiatives like its wind turbine generating a significant portion of the resort’s energy needs.

Rating: 4.4/5

Address: 37 Corey Rd, Hancock, MA 01237

Phone: (413) 738-5500

Website: www.jiminypeak.com

4. Ski Butternut

Ski Butternut

Ski Butternut prides itself on its welcoming atmosphere and family-friendly environment. Its 22 trails wind through picturesque forests, offering a mix of gentle slopes for beginners and challenging runs for more experienced skiers. 

The resort’s ski school provides lessons for all ages and abilities, making it an ideal destination for those looking to improve their skills.

Ski Butternut’s affordability and proximity to major cities make it a popular choice for day trips and weekend getaways alike.

Rating: 4.5/5

Address: 380 State Rd, Great Barrington, MA 01230

Phone: (413) 528-2000

Website: skibutternut.com

5. Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Nashoba Valley Ski Area

Just a short drive from Boston, Nashoba Valley Ski Area offers convenient access to winter fun for urban dwellers. 

Despite its smaller size, the resort boasts 17 trails ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as a terrain park for freestyle enthusiasts. 

Night skiing is a highlight at Nashoba Valley, with well-lit slopes providing an exhilarating experience after dark. 

The resort’s family-friendly atmosphere and amenities such as snow tubing and lessons make it a popular choice for visitors of all ages.

Rating: 4.2/5

Address: 79 Powers Rd, Westford, MA 01886

Phone: (978) 692-3033

Website: skinashoba.com

6. Catamount Mountain Resort

Catamount Mountain Resort

Catamount Mountain Resort straddles the Massachusetts-New York border, offering breathtaking views and diverse terrain. 

With 42 trails spread across 1,000 acres, the resort provides ample opportunities for skiing and snowboarding. 

Its terrain parks feature a variety of jumps, rails, and other features, attracting freestyle riders from across the region. 

Catamount’s laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural beauty make it a favorite destination for those seeking a true mountain getaway.

Rating: 4.5/5

Address: 78 Catamount Rd, Hillsdale, NY 12529

Phone: (413) 528-1262

Website: www.catamountski.com

7. Otis Ridge Ski Area

Otis Ridge Ski Area

As one of the oldest ski areas in the Berkshires, Otis Ridge Ski Area exudes charm and nostalgia. Its 11 trails, surrounded by picturesque forests, offer a mix of beginner-friendly slopes and challenging runs for more experienced skiers. 

The resort’s intimate atmosphere and family-friendly vibe make it a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. 

Otis Ridge’s snow tubing park and night skiing add to the overall winter experience, making it a must-visit destination for winter enthusiasts.

Rating: 4.7/5

Address: 159 Monterey Rd, Otis, MA 01253

Phone: (413) 269-4444

Website: www.otisridge.com

8. Blandford Ski Area

Blandford Ski Area

Blandford Ski Area holds the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously operating ski areas in the United States. Its 22 trails wind through scenic woodlands, offering a mix of terrain for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

The resort’s laid-back atmosphere and affordable prices make it a favorite among families and casual skiers alike. 

Blandford Ski Area’s commitment to preserving its rich history while providing modern amenities ensures a memorable experience for all who visit.

Rating: 4.4/5

Address: 41 Nye Brook Rd, Blandford, MA 01008

Phone: 413-528-2000

Website: skiblandford.com

9. Blue Hills Ski Area

Blue Hills Ski Area

Blue Hills Ski Area offers a unique skiing experience just outside of Boston, making it a convenient option for urban dwellers. 

Despite its smaller size, the resort’s 60 acres of skiable terrain offer plenty of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

The terrain park features rails, jumps, and other features for freestyle riders to enjoy. Blue Hills’ proximity to the city, along with its affordable prices and night skiing options, make it a popular choice for day trips and evening adventures.

Rating: 4.1/5

Address: 4001 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

Phone: (781) 828-5070

Website: www.bluehillsboston.com

10. Ski Bradford

Ski Bradford

Ski Bradford may be small in size, but it delivers big on fun and excitement. Its 15 trails cater primarily to beginners and intermediate skiers, with gentle slopes ideal for learning and improving skills. 

The resort’s cozy lodge and friendly atmosphere make it a great place for families and novice skiers to enjoy a day on the mountain. 

Ski Bradford’s affordability and proximity to major cities make it a popular choice for those looking for a convenient and enjoyable skiing experience.

Rating: 4.4/5

Address: 60 S Cross Rd, Haverhill, MA 01835

Phone: (978) 373-0071

Website: www.skibradford.com


When is the ski season in Massachusetts?

The ski season in Massachusetts typically runs from late November to early April, depending on weather conditions and snowfall.

Are there ski resorts near Boston?

Yes, there are ski resorts near Boston, making it convenient for city dwellers to enjoy a day on the slopes.

Do Massachusetts ski resorts offer snowmaking?

Yes, most ski resorts in Massachusetts utilize snowmaking technology to supplement natural snowfall and ensure consistent conditions throughout the season.

What amenities do Massachusetts ski resorts offer?

Massachusetts ski resorts offer a range of amenities to enhance the skiing experience. 

These may include slope-side lodging, ski and snowboard rental shops, ski schools offering lessons for all ages and skill levels, restaurants and cafes, terrain parks for freestyle riders, snow tubing, and night skiing options.

To Recap

Massachusetts boasts a diverse array of ski resorts that cater to skiers and snowboarders of all levels, offering unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of New England’s natural beauty. 

From the family-friendly slopes of Jiminy Peak to the convenient proximity of Blue Hills Ski Area to Boston, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

These resorts not only provide thrilling downhill adventures but also offer a host of amenities, including slope-side lodging, ski schools, and vibrant après-ski scenes. 

With modern snowmaking technology ensuring consistent conditions throughout the season, visitors can count on a memorable winter getaway in the heart of Massachusetts. 

Whether seeking adrenaline-pumping runs or a leisurely day on the slopes, Massachusetts ski resorts deliver excitement and adventure against the picturesque backdrop of the state’s snow-covered mountains.

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