Enchanting Leyden: 8 Charming Destinations and Activities for Every Traveler

Located in the western Netherlands, Leyden, also known as Leiden, is a city steeped in history and culture. As one of the country’s oldest cities, Leyden offers many activities and attractions catering to all interests and ages.

From its picturesque canals and charming cobblestone streets to its world-class museums and renowned university, Leyden promises an enchanting experience for every visitor.

Whether you’re interested in art and architecture, history, shopping, or simply enjoying the picturesque surroundings, Leyden has something for everyone.

In this guide, we will explore some of the top things to do in Leyden, allowing you to make the most out of your visit to this captivating Dutch city.

8 Things to Do in Leyden

Leyden, or Leiden in Dutch, is a charming city in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. It is known for its rich cultural and scientific heritage, as well as its picturesque canals and historic monuments.

Whether you are interested in art, history, nature, or science, Leyden has something for everyone.

Here are eight things to do in Leyden that you should not miss.

1. Hortus Botanicus Leiden


Hortus Botanicus Leiden is a renowned botanical garden located in Leyden. Established in 1590, it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.

The garden offers a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone looking to spend a peaceful day surrounded by the beauty of plants.

As you enter Hortus Botanicus Leiden, you are immediately transported into a world of lush greenery and colors.


The garden boasts an impressive collection of plants from all corners of the globe, showcasing a diverse range of species and varieties.

Whether you have a keen interest in botany or appreciate the wonders of nature, you will find yourself captivated by the sheer beauty and diversity of the plant life on display.

Rating: 9

Phone: +31 71 527 5144

Address: Rapenburg 73, 2311 GJ Leiden, Netherlands


2. Burcht Van Leiden


Located in Leyden, the Burcht van Leiden is a city park that offers visitors a unique experience. It is home to the remains of a 12th-century castle fortification structure, providing a glimpse into the area’s rich history.

The park also offers breathtaking views, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Upon entering the Burcht van Leiden, visitors are immediately greeted by the remnants of the medieval castle.


The stone walls, towers, and gates transport you back in time, allowing you to imagine the grandeur of the original structure.

It is truly a remarkable sight and a testament to the architectural brilliance of the past. As you explore the park, you’ll come across various pathways that lead to different.

Rating: 8.8

Address: Van der Sterrepad 5, 2312 EK Leiden, Netherlands


3. Molen De Valk


Molen De Valk is a history museum located in Leyden that tells the fascinating story of Dutch windmills.

This museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about the rich history and significance of windmills in Dutch culture.

One of the main highlights of Molen De Valk is its 18th-century windmill, which stands tall and proud as a symbol of the country’s engineering prowess and innovation.

The windmill itself is a sight to behold, with its towering structure and impressive machinery.


Visitors have the unique opportunity to explore the inner workings of the windmill and witness firsthand how it harnesses the power of the wind to grind grain into flour. Inside the museum, you will find a wealth of information about the history.

Rating: 9.2

Phone: +31 71 516 5353

Address: 2e Binnenvestgracht 1, 2312 BZ Leiden, Netherlands


4. National Museum of Antiquities


Located in Leyden, the National Museum of Antiquities is a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

This nationally renowned museum boasts an impressive collection of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts that will captivate visitors of all ages.

With its well-curated exhibits and wealth of historical treasures, the museum offers an enriching and immersive experience. Stepping into the National Museum of Antiquities, visitors are immediately greeted by the grandeur of ancient civilizations.


The museum’s collections span millennia, showcasing the rich and diverse cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Each artifact tells a unique story, from intricately crafted statues to beautifully preserved mummies, providing a window into the past. One of the highlights of the.

Rating: 9

Phone: +31 71 516 3163

Address: Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden, Netherlands


5. Pieterskerk, Leiden


Pieterskerk in Leiden is an iconic landmark with a rich history. This 12th-century former church has been beautifully preserved and offers a unique setting for various events.

From grand dinners and parties to conferences and trade shows, Pieterskerk is a versatile venue that caters to various occasions. Stepping into Pieterskerk is like stepping back in time. The magnificent architecture and intricate details of the church are awe-inspiring.


The towering spires and ornate stained glass windows add to its grandeur, making it a truly remarkable sight. One of the main draws of Pieterskerk is its ability to host grand dinners and parties.

The spacious interior provides an elegant backdrop for formal gatherings and celebrations. Whether it.

Rating: 8.8

Phone: +31 71 512 4319

Address: Kloksteeg 16, 2311 SL Leiden, Netherlands


6. Molen De Put


Molen De Put is a must-visit attraction in Leyden. This picturesque windmill holds a significant place in the history and culture of the city.

With its unique architecture and serene surroundings, it offers visitors a truly unforgettable experience. As you step foot into Molen De Put, you will be captivated by its grandeur and charm.

The windmill stands tall, showcasing its magnificent blades gracefully rotating with the wind. Its striking presence against the clear blue sky is a sight to behold. Inside Molen De Put, you can explore its various levels and witness the inner workings of the windmill.

The machinery, gears, and pulleys provide a fascinating glimpse into the traditional methods of grain grinding. The sound of the rotating blades and the.

Rating: 9.2

Address: Park de Put 11, 2312 BR Leiden, Netherlands


7. Leyden


Leyden, a charming town in the heart of a picturesque landscape, offers visitors an array of exciting activities and attractions.

Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply looking to relax and unwind, Leyden has something for everyone.

So, let’s dive into what you can do in this captivating town. One of the highlights of Leyden is its rich historical heritage. Take a leisurely stroll through the cobblestone streets and marvel at the beautifully preserved architecture that dates back centuries.

The town’s historical center features stunning buildings, including the grand Town Hall and the majestic St. Peter’s Church, both of which are must-see landmarks. If you’re interested in delving deeper into the town’s history, a.

8. Oude Sterrewacht (Old Observatory Leiden)


The Oude Sterrewacht, also known as the Old Observatory Leiden, is a fascinating place to visit in Leyden. This historic observatory has a domed structure and has been serving as an astronomical university observatory since its establishment in 1633.

In fact, it is considered one of the world’s oldest observatories, making it a must-see for any astronomy enthusiast or history lover. The Oude Sterrewacht is not just a beautiful building; it has a rich history.


Imagine stepping into a place that has been at the forefront of astronomical discoveries for centuries. The observatory has witnessed countless astronomical events and played a vital role in advancing our knowledge of the universe.

Rating: 9

Phone: +31 71 527 1891

Address: Sterrenwachtlaan 11, 2311 GW Leiden, Netherlands



Leyden offers many activities and attractions for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Whether you are interested in exploring the city’s rich history, strolling along picturesque canals, visiting world-class museums, or indulging in delicious local cuisine, Leyden has something for everyone.

The atmosphere and welcoming ambiance make it a truly enjoyable destination. So, whether you are planning a short trip or an extended stay, be sure to include Leyden on your itinerary and experience all that this charming city has to offer.

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